Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why We Can't Have A "Reasonable Discussion" On 2A

The Government never possessed a single right, therefore it cannot grant them. Instead, we the people granted a limited set of privileges to Government. That's what a Constitutional Republic is.


Ashrak said...

We The People conceded POWERS to government and recognized RIGHTS just as it recognized RIGHTS the people retained.

Rights and privileges are the SAME thing in the Constitutional context. Privies and/or immunities are a way to describe rights in BOTH the positive and negative. Privileges are what you CAN do and immunities are what NO GOVERNMENT can do to you.

The RIGHT of a state to defend itself exists as self evidently as our own does. We do not grant that authority nor can we take it away. It is self evident and recognized as such.

The BASTARDIZATION if the word privilege torques me off. In order to claim and use rights and privileged as ANYTHING but SYNONYMS is saying that the 13th abolished slavery in the sense that one man could not own another AND that the 14th then enslaved us all with government being the salve owning MASTER.

Privileges ARE rights. They are not granted by people OR government to people or government. Privileges and immunities are ENDOWED BY OUR CREATOR.

Now, it could be argued that man is the creator of government BUT it is nonsensical to claim that the Creator created all things "except" government. So too is it nonsense to claim that a government of by and for the people has a different set of rules than the people themselves.

Molesting and destroying the definitions of words is how the communist progressives operate. Economic freedom was snatched via this "rights and privileges are different" garbage and ALL other RIGHTS(privileges and immunities) have come under assault hence.

Privileges are NOT permissions and allowances. Those are NOT synonyms. Have we given permissions and allowances to government? Absosmurfly. Is that what a constitutional republic is ? YOU BETCHA! Rights, both privileges and Immunities are the most basic boundaries that form the base on which that rule of law operates. However they are not given and taken, they are simply recognized openly and accepted or they are not.

To the extent that Individual Liberty has been usurped, the vast majority is the result of the improper use and understanding of the word PRIVILEGE. Privileges ARE rights and don't ever forget it!

Who will argue that the PURPOSE of the 14th was to enslave everyone to government? Who will say that it's purpose was to REMOVE all RIGHTS and substitute permissions and allowances? Hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

The problem as I see it is one of semantics. We feel a "reasonable discussion" is one based on both sides presenting relevant facts that support their position. They feel a "reasonable discussion" is one where we agree to shut up and give them what they want.