Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An explanation of "Why me?"

“A leader leads by example, not by force.” ― Sun Tzu
Old Greybeard commented on the post below:
There will be plenty of New Yorkers to break the laws, so what is the point of your going there to do that? I'm sure you don't want to spend a lot of time in a New York state prison. Again, what would be the point? You can do much more for the cause of Liberty at your keyboard than pulling useless stunts like that, Mike.
Old Greybeard is not the only fellow I've heard this from. Let me explain my answer(s) to the question "Why you?"
I never thought I was much of a leader. The problem is others apparently think I am. Thus, if I am to be a leader, then I should be the best one I can be. One thing I know about leaders -- they should never ask their troops to do anything they are not willing to do themselves. They should, as Sun Tzu said, lead by example. Thus, if I am to ask anyone to "defy, resist, evade and smuggle," I must do it first. Remember too that I have to answer the same questions I posed: "If not us, who? And if not now, when?" Someone must do this. Someone must bell the tyrannical cat.
Another perspective on leadership is provided by Lao-Tzu:
“To lead people, walk beside them. As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate. When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’”
A Connecticut Threeper patch I had never seen before.
I walked beside many Three Percenters at the Hartford rally, before and after my speech. You know the gratifying thing? Few of those who carried Threeper flags or who sported Three Percenter patches and tabs on their uniforms knew who I was. THAT is the success of an open source insurgency idea. It is a testament to the greatness of an idea that it is larger and more powerful than the originator. In the end, they will be able to say, "We did it ourselves."
I also dispute that breaking these unconstitutional laws in public is a "useless stunt." It is, in fact, necessary. First, to demonstrate to these tyrants that they can pass any law, but that they can be made to look impotent and foolish as a result -- something their regime cannot long stand without reacting with violence. Second, my trip through Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York convinced me that our side needs the example of defiance to strengthen their own resolve. There are some good people in the resistance movement in those states and just as I draw stength from their example, they do likewise from mine.
The fact is that we cannot take the first shots in this coming struggle so as to maintain the moral high ground -- no Fort Sumters and no Oklahoma City bombings, as I've always written. It follows that we must arrange, like Captain Parker on Lexington Green, for our enemies to have every opportunity to screw up and take the first shots. This involves, as a I wrote above, making them look impotent and foolish. Their egos, indeed their entire system, rest upon the lie that they are omnipotent and represent legitimate power. "Resistance is futile," they thunder. Until somebody pulls back the curtain and points to the little man and his ludicrous masquerade.
So, you wanted to know, "Why me?" That's why. Somebody's stuck with the duty. It might as well be me.
"OH!! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"


bondmen said...

What you've said and what you've demonstrated Mike makes the reason for your actions perfectly clear. Thank you for clarifying your position.

Now why don't all you III'ers from around the country send Mike extra Velcro patches which he can auction off or offer for a contribution to other readers and supporters so he can become more physically mobile the rest of this year.! There are a number of places in our great land badly in need of his attention!

Scott J said...

My biggest concern, Mike, is who takes your place if you fall?

MLK's greatest work was Letter From a Birmingham Jail. The apostles wrote most of The New Testament in jail.

Imprisoned you can still fight the beast. Dead you cannot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your example Mike. I am going to try and join you in Colorado. Give us penty of notice to rally the troops.

majority of one said...

My only quibble with this is what do you consider the first shot. Do we need something that surpasses Ruby Ridge? Waco?

The fact is that as soon as anybody shoots back,justified or not, the lamestream media will demonize them.

Just think about the hopes of the left that the perpetrators of the Marathon bombing would turn out to be Tea Party types.

Ed said...

If a leader truly led by example and not by force, then it would be exemplary for Obama not to have Secret Service protection and to send his children to a Washington DC public school without armed guards. Feinstein would not own a pistol.

That is not going to happen, but force does happen. Legislation is the justification for the use of the force. Otherwise, Congress and the Executive would just provide advisories.

Anonymous said...

Logistics, Mike. Logistics.

Materiel movement.


Anonymous said...

Keep posting links to Mike's speech in every related blog and comment section as you can, even related to health care debacle which is ultimately about the rule of law -- citizens are tired of this corrupt clan and the destruction of the rule of law and looking for outspoken rally calls. There is a real void of leadership in this country.

As far as tactics we see the effectiveness of the flash mob rat packs organizing thru blogs, twitter -- 400 took downtown Chicago by storm Easter wknd. There'll be plenty more throughout USA (like last year) and will get worse when armed gangs get involved as society crumbles. Ponder how patriots can rally with peaceful armed civil disobedience.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vanderboegh,

The best leaders in history don't get a choice in the matter. The best of the best leaders never had a choice in matter. They were in a bad situation, they saw what needed to be done, they got to work, and others followed.

One can call him/herself a "leader" all they want, if people don't follow them, then they're out of luck. One can force people to follow someone at the barrel of a gun, but that again is not leadership.

You have people listening to what you say. You have people following you. You are a leader.

Any objection you may have has been noted, and it will consist of a short sentence in the history books in the chapter that is yet to be written about you: "Mike Vanderboegh did not choose to become a civil rights hero of the early 21st century, but he took on the role with gusto anyways."

You're a leader now.

Mt Top Patriot said...

I think what matters a lot is you inspire others. You have inspired me. From reading others comments it would appear other also. I believe inspiration is one of the beginnings of a proper greater movement to Liberty, for it permeates culture in a manner that takes on a life of it's own so to speak. That if one man can do this, well so can I. That leads to greater things. Isn't Liberty one of, if not, mans greatest accomplishments?
The world changed because that so called 5000 year leap took place because the founders of this Republic inspired those around them to greater things, and the world with Liberty. It lead to the creation of the greatest of places on earth.

How can that be a waste?

I believe in what you are doing for a myriad of reasons, (and reason counts for a lot, it is reason that brought us Liberty in the first instance), and right now, debunking the legitimacy, or it should be said revealing the illegitimacy of the leviathan and it's traitors is paramount. For that is the crux of the tyranny breathing down our throats. The truth that there simply is no legitimate right the powers that be can lay claim to for the trespasses and impositions it takes liberty of against the sovereign will and natural rights of the people.

I understand and enthusiastically approve of what you are doing. You have remained steadfast in your cause, you are standing behind your principles. I see you as representing our Liberty, and as representing what I too believe in.
Your courage alone is inspiring. You have repeatably gone out on a limb, in defiance of, and shaking your fist in the faces of the tyrants and their diktat. There are few who can lay claim to this. There are few with the grit to do so. But that can change in a hurry. Leading by example is one sure way.

I humbly respect you for it, and hope to in my small way emulate what you are doing.

Like you said somebody has to do it. If not who? If not when?

It is time.

So thanks Mike.
God bless you please.
God bless us all in this great place called America.
May Liberty live a thousand years.

Lets Win!

Anonymous said...

Very Well Sir, I understand ,and agree, Someone must go first. Where do I get III% patches?

Whiskey 1714 said...

Mike, I am your host in Maryland, should you choose to venture into the Peoples Republic. The insurgency here has grown complacent, I will continue to subtley agitate.