Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More trouble for B. Toad Jones

ATF Nominee Faces Retaliation Inquiry


FedUp said...

His experience with squelching whistleblowers makes him uniquely qualified to head the ATF and keep their scandals under wraps.

Anonymous said...


Another classic display of sorry-ass-shit from Georgia. Two quotes from the article: "a severe break in judgment," and "Biumi has been placed under administrative leave (with pay) while the incident is investigated."

To the first quote I would respond, "No shit."

To the second quote, well, let's all give the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office a great big attaboy for going above and beyond.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but, if some asshole sticks a gun in your face at the drive-thru, aren't you legally entitled to respond with deadly force?

Regardless, if you stick a gun in my face over a fucking cheeseburger, you damn well better pull the trigger, cause if you don't, I'm gonna take you out - cop or no cop - period.

Believe it.