Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prostitute Gottlieb complains that he wasn't respected in the morning.

CCRKBA pulls support for Manchin-Toomey.
Of course they used him, the traitorous fool. The damage, however, is done. He gave material aid and support to the enemies of the Constitution. If the gambit succeeds, and MTS passes into law, they will have the unprincipled prostitute Gottlieb to thank for it.
LATER: Of course, as David Codrea details Gottlieb was fiercely attacking David Kopel's analysis -- just before he threw in the towel.


Ashrak said...

My favorite sentence -
Is is is.

Now I get to add one-
Got got got.

Ha ha ha Gottlieb stuck his knock out -he acted stupidly - and now wonders why it got chopped off. SAF itself is seriously damaged as a result. What a FOOL!

When will the jesters get the point?
There is nothing to COMPROMISE. There is no such thing as a "good deal".

Jesters can call me extreme all they want to - I ain't dealing, I ain't compromising and I ain't begging for permission slips.

Illinois just pulled a wicked may issue bill out of the hat.
Thanks for CONCEDING the permission slip garbage NRA!!!! Fuggin ridiculous these "hung rights advocacy" groups have become. They are almost as corrupt as the politicians they "lobby".

Anonymous said...

So, basically, Gottlieb was stupid enough to believe a proactive/preemptive effort at crafting legislation to his liking would somehow make it through the shark tank of the Senate unmutilated?
Hasn't the NRA already demonstrated the dangers of swimming with the sharks in the past?
Give yourself a pat on the back Alan. You helped resurrect a push for knee-jerk legislation that had all but died. Awfully stupid for a smart guy.
Alan, retire your charming little bowtie and take a vacation before you do any more damage.

FedUp said...

On the bright side, Alan showed our side's "willingness to compromise", along with a willingness to take his ball and go home when promises weren't kept.

On the dim side, as Codrea said, he tried to bargain away rights which weren't his to give.

Anonymous said...

CCRKBA & the SAF are yesterday's news, thanks to Gottlieb. After the bill's defeat, he withdraws his support. Ain't gonna fly, Alan! The damage is done and I myself will never contribute another cent to either organization.

Paul X said...

Gottlieb is about to experience "the Zumbo effect".

Paul X said...

BTW I don't think Kopel's comments were particularly convincing either (although I generally like Kopel's work).