Saturday, April 27, 2013

‘Guns across the Border’ tells inside story of Operation Wide Receiver CI

What you can expect is to join him as he hosts cartel gun buyers in his living room as ATF agents monitor things from outside the house. If you followed Fast and Furious, you can expect to see a familiar face. You can expect to see screw-ups and betrayals. And, if you’re like me, you can expect to find yourself sometimes wanting to shout at Mike through the pages and ask him what the hell he was thinking to ever get involved in such a mess, let alone volunteer for it.

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Anonymous said...

Monumental LIES. That is what our entire U.S. Empire is based on now. If it wasn't for the fact that the ATF is responsible for the death of thousands of human beings, prosecution of innocent people notwithstanding, I'd be rolling on the floor in gut splitting laughter. Unfortunately, buffoonery aside, it's now blindingly clear the USG is merely another murdering Cartel, given the fact the CIA has been running drugs for decades. One only needs to research Katherine Austin Fitts to see the documented truth. Or dig deeper into the Cryptome site where you can see the list of CIA front companys. In fact, pick one at random like..oh I don't know..maybe one like AERO SERCICES INC. Research it's history.
Starting as a small air survey company evolving into modding B-26's for the CIA. Tie that into the early CIA efforts to help Multinational Corporations overthrow Central American regimes..and you begin to get the picture..speaking of which..
Add in Iran Contra with daddy Bush at the helm of the CIA, the DOJ theft of Promis software which HUD modifies to track housing which then gets into the hands of the CIA to track the drugs into said housing, and then as President, daddy Bush appoints Michael Hayden, the plumb bob of CIA torture, architect of our beloved NSA surveillance state and the Drone program, to run CIA in 2006, which coincides with the massive Poppy harvest explosion in Afghanistan circa 2006..well, I could go on and on..but if you don't start to get the picture by now, it wouldn't help anyway. The point being..the Octopus' tentacles circumvent the entire planet and the ATF is only one of them. When you finally make the connection to the world wide financial Cabal..well your understanding of what is going on may allow you to see what's coming.
The mere fact that the largest "too big to fail" financial institutions on the planet have recently been excused by a Judge for manipulating the very foundations of the worlds financial systems speaks loud and clear how things work.

I've spent 10 years of my life researching this crap and nothing surprises me anymore. However, there is one over riding enabler in this country..the 16th Amendment. Until people realize this is the one single tool that allows the U.S. Empire to exist,.. well.. nothing will change. That is..unless they step over the line. And you know as well as I do what that line is.