Friday, April 26, 2013

Going for the Julius Streicher Journalism Award. Mother Jones magazine: Slaughtering more truth with bald-faced lies than anybody else since 9/11.

Mother Jones: 'Right-Wing Extremism' Killed More Since 9/11 Than Islamic Terror


Ashrak said...

Heres one for the good guys.

Dude buys a knife and starts stabbing people. Claims we "killed his people". A regular joe pulls his pistol and ends the potential massacre instantly. Even the cops admit it. Gee, what would happen in Chicago if innocents weren't totally disarmed? And how would progressive media react to a complied "statistic" of crimes stopped by Citizen carry if every incident wasn't buried locally but instead demonstrated nationally every time it happens?

Anonymous said...

At a company where I was employed during the 2000 election, I remember this fellow who would bring his personal collection of back-issues of 'Mother Jones' to work. He would then proceed to stuff the magazine rack in the break room full, as if he were fullfilling a calling to spread the gospel of hard core leftist ideology.
The day that the Supreme Court put a stop to the creative recount process in Florida, this guy snapped. He was kicking trashcans, yelling, and throwing things about. Why his dumb ass wasn't fired, I'm not sure.
Anyway, the point is this. Folks like this behave as if it is some religious calling to spread radical left ideology, because hard left ideology IS their religion.
They are dangerous.
They are determined. They will not give up until they get their way. Ultimately, for them, the end justifies whatever means is necessary to prevail.
This is why so many of these hard left types are showing a sympathetic bent towards the two sacks of shit that are responsible for Boston, trying desperately to find a rationalization for their deeds.
It is indeed these same folks, now wailing loudly for Dzhokhar to be read his Miranda rights so that our Constitution can be preserved, who not thirty days ago expressed support for repealing the 2nd Amendment and disarming the public - by whatever means necessary.

Paul X said...

From the article:
"The truth remains that the Islamist threat in the United States is very
real – and that only the dedication of law enforcement has stopped
substantially more Islamist attacks."

Nope. Just as big a lie as Mother Jones. Only pussies worry about terrorist attacks, and what little there are would cease if "our" government stopped invading and occupying other countries.