Saturday, April 27, 2013

And the drumroll goes on.

Gun Shops Rationing Ammo: 'We Have Police Departments that are Scrambling'
"People go to one of two extremes: bury their heads in the sand or preparing for World War III."
Uh, that would be Civil War II (or CW III, depending upon how you reckon them).
LATER: America's gun: Sales of AR-15s soar
Even later: Ammo Factory All Fired Up Amid Gun Ban Threat.
"We could work seven days a week and not meet the demands right now. It's just crazy up there - supply and demand - we just can't keep up with demand."


BobF said...

I like to think my continuing ammo purchases are job security for the industry.

And BTW, I just finished reading "William Diamond's Drum." If I'd had a Highlighter the whole thing would be a sea of yellow. Thank you for the introduction. And it was published when I was in high school... Downloaded the pdf and bought 2 copies to send to others.

Paul X said...

From the article:
"The AR-15 is, essentially, a gun that was designed to inflict maximum casualties, death, and injury, in close to medium range. That's what it does," said gun control advocate and former NRA member Tom Diaz.

OK, let's agree, Tom. They are everything you say they are. All the more reason not to let only govt and police have the things. Everybody should have at least one.

Ashrak said...

I submit it would have to be ww4.
WWIII already took place and it was indeed a nuclear war.

We just shot ourselves and the Soviets shot themselves (and their satellites) in a pissing match about who could detonate the bigger bomb. Cold War? Not hardly. It was nuclear hot. Just my opinion.

Paul - exactly. The republican form of government is held together by checks and balances. Without the population having the same arms as government there can be no balance because there is no check. And that SIMPLE point is what turns me away from today's "Republican" party. They do not make this simple point in the "debate".