Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lessons of Boston

By Ralph Peters.


Robin said...

I disagree with his description of "excellent". Since when is barging into someone's home without a warrant considered excellent? They ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. Excellent. So very brave to aim "patrol rifles" at toddlers.

Anonymous said...

"our dysfunctional system couldn’t prevent this latest Boston Massacre."

Since when are laws and a legal system supposed to prevent ANYthing? Laws and the legal system are there to PUNISH crime. If the threat of jail time or fines or both causes someone not to engage in a proscribed activity well and good! But crime prevention is not a function of law.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Peters is a long-time Faux News neo-con and Republican lickspittle. He was quoted in Boston's Gun Bible about the necessity of rounding up and disposing of gun owners and other liberty-lovers. I do not know if he served in 'Nam, but if he had, he should have been fragged.

Anonymous said...

I'm still betting that the truth is that the whole Boston thing was orchestrated by the government.
Maybe they intended to provide fake explosives and the brothers figured out they were being set up and got ahead of the game with some real ones ...after all, the place was reportedly crawling with bomb-sniffing dogs and people wee told it was "just a drill." the vast majority (if not all) or the "foiled terrorist attacks" have been FBI recruiting, training, supplying, and then busting "terrorists."
Or maybe they decided they needed a "real one" with some casualties to keep their "war on terror" scam going and keep the funding coming in.
Either way, they sure made use of the opportunity to see just how much martial law the public would tolerate without screaming bloody murder and starting to shoot back.