Sunday, March 20, 2011

I fully and completely retract the previous post based on an old story I should have recognized.

In re the commentary previously posted a few minutes ago in this slot (and now deleted):

Someone forwarded me a copy of an old story from last year as if it were new (I thought) under the title "Scathing report on Project GunRunner/Walker". My new analysis of an old story thus was completely wrong and I abjectly apologize to Mr. Isikoff for the error. While I am still waiting for Mr. Isikoff to notice fully the Gunwalker scandal, he does not deserve my caustic derision. I must say, though, that this is the first time I have been sandbagged in this whole affair. It will not happen again.

Mike Vanderboegh


Brock Townsend said...

I wondered as I posted it, but when I checked the link it was bad.

Anonymous said...

Sand bagged? Is that an offshoot of the tea party? Yuck! :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mike, Thou art a gentleman for your public apology, which is more than can be said for some individuals in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

They, don't worry about you! You are Absolved!

Anonymous said...

Now lets here from some people who really owe the world some apologies:

I apologize for doing the work of the devil. b. obama

I apologize for doing the work of the guy who does the work of the devil. n. pelosi, h. reid, j. biden, all the kennedy's, the entire democratic party, et al

I apologize for being the devil. r. emmanual

SPLC. Now that's a group that needs to apologize ..for sucking our American air.