Monday, March 21, 2011

Another example of an ATF "economic Waco": Albert Kwan.

"National Guardsman's career destroyed by ATF." Perhaps once we get the investigatory hearings into Gunwalker going, Darrell Issa can find some time for thorough-going oversight hearings into "economic Waco" cases like Albert Kwan and Len Savage.


GrayMan said...

wow a semi auto m14 classified as a machine gun........ brilliant.

Scott J said...

And that doesn't calculate the cases like me who would love to have a FFL to do transfers and maybe start some smithing on the side but don't go down that road for fear of letting those thugs that deeply into my life.

How many hundreds of small dealers have been driven out of business over the years by their "enforcement" practices?

Anonymous said...

I dont think I could hold myself back against that much weight. I dont see how people contain their rage and frustration when they are the target of such unimaginable stupidity. The sheer volume of retardation exhibited by those FBI and ATF agents would drive me into a violent campaign of retribution that would look like something from barbarian times.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget David Olafson.

W W Woodward said...

Does anyone know if the Air-Soft dealer in Washington State ever got his plastic "machine gun" BB guns returned by the ATF, or if his "Economic Waco" is still in progress?

Anonymous said...

Just goes to're better off just going ahead with the shoot out than getting involved in the "Just Us" system in the USA.

This case just goes to show that if you're really a free man, when the feds knock at your door, it's time to start shooting. They aren't there for truth or justice.....just to rail road some gun owner into a prison sentence to be an "example" to others.

I don't want to die, so the only thing I can do is pray God keeps these tyrants off my doorstep.

Don't worry...the media will dutifully report whatever the FBI/ATF tell them you did. Doesn't matter what the facts are. I suggest we just accept the fact that our memory will be tarnished.

Live free or die.