Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Praxis: Libyan Resistance Militia efforts to train up and field immediately a combat-worthy force is a subject of study for all militia.

This story in USA Today weeks ago touched on the frenzied attempts of the Libyan resistance to field a competent armed force out of willing volunteers who brought nothing to the party but will and good intentions. The results have been almost catastrophic for the resistance. American constitutional militiafolk should look on the Libyan experience as a cautionary tale. There is no substitute for consistent, thorough tactical training.

Start thinking about how you would react in a similar situation. What is the state of your logistics? How to deal with identification-friend-or-foe? What clothing? How could you fill the gaps? What would you do with newbies who are more likely to shoot themselves or you instead of the enemy?

Here's a collection of photos I picked off the net just from today:


Anonymous said...

Definitely a topic worth discussion.

Dakota said...

If that guy with the heavy machine gun opens up those guys on the side will never hear again. We are talking serious muzzle blast.

Unknown said...

Yes. That is what the preamble is all about, to wit:

"A well regulated militia, being ecessary to the security of a free state,..."

This implies a responsibility on the part of the people as set out in the remainder of the amendment to not only arm themselves but organize themselves and train together with what they have in each town and village.

April 19th is next month. In 1775 they were ready.

TinCan Assassin said...

That's why reservists and Guardsmen have Drill, to keep as current as we can while still still doing our civilian thing.

Anonymous said...

Good time to check and see where all the gov't troops are located. What are they hard pressed to protect first and are they taking the fight to the enemy? What are their high priority targets.
And the really big question, what percentage of the population are militia???? 3%??? .5%? +5%? Where are they getting supplied from, what kind of equipment and how much?
Very good homework project, for those that might be interested.


Anonymous said...

That would appear to be a KPV:

Had to scratch my itch...

Anonymous said...

I dont care what anybody says the Toyota Crew cab is the most versitile truck around. Yet again more proof of its utility.


pdxr13 said...

What's with the hanging out near vehicles? I've watched enough machine-vision camera recordings to know that vehicles are the target of "whatever". Get the supplies out and hidden, then keep away.

Toyota "technicals" work fine at scaring villagers, but less than worthless against "no fly zone" enforcing aircraft like A-10's.

I bet that they bunch up a lot when moving and attacking, so that Marines can hit several with each grenade used.

Dammit- another war to sing about.


Anonymous said...

rumblings on the back channels are, al Quida is working along side the Libyan rebel's...

III more than them said...

The AA gun in the back of the pickup has a spare barrel along for the ride. You can see the muzzle overhanging the side of the bed. I guess they have a few things going for them.

This whole effort arose from something else. They were no prepared, but rather took advantage of what they saw as an opportunity. Their difficulty is that the other side has no real moral block against slamming civilians.

Unknown said...

P I T I F U L!!!!!

When and if this ever ends, I wonder what the statistics will be on friendly fire?

GardenSERF said...

For other photos of the Libya militia in action, try here:

Sean said...

These guys need a buttload of training. The first thing I would do is get them OUT OF THE OPEN. If they have to be there, entrench, or get some kind of concealment and cover. No ride-alongs with the heavy MG, unless they're crew, and not on the outside of the truck. No walking along the highway in the open with an AK. And from the newreels, I'd make them stop wasting ammo showing the newscrews how they fire their weapons in the air. Stop showing the newscrews anything. Professionals don't give the OPFOR film of how stupid they are. Or of them running like rabbits when a plane lets go of a bomb. And no flags. Sheesh.

bitter clinging Texan said...

One BIG disadvantage that the rebels have is terrain. a flat, wide open terrain benefits a conventional army. Think about all of the more successful guerilla campaigns........they were waged in mountians, forests, jungles.
tito's partisans, the vietminh,etc et al

otterhauser said...

This an excellent post...and question! If the 5th Marxist should be confirmed to the Supreme Court and our 2nd amendment rights lost, how do 3 percenters, or actual Americans of any stripe, ready and willing to fight for reclaiming their do they organize? What do we do? And where? The radical left is always organized. Conservatives rarely are and under extreme conditions, that is a game changer. Sure, a great many of us would be willing to take out a federal thug coming up our driveway to confiscate our firearms, but that isn't enough. The fight must be taken to these people.

Anonymous said...

These guys have zero training. There was a video on FOX tonight and they were saying it was the first time they had ever held a gun.
First, my D.I.s would have kicked their butts for calling a rifle a gun.
Second, most American's have held a gun before.
Third, we have trained people in the Militia's that would give direction and lead troops.
Fourth, some of us would know how to take out the air assets, by hitting them on the ground and at their bases.
To be honest our military is not trained, or equiped to fight our citizens in a Gen. IV type of war.

Semper Fi Baby

Shy Wolf said...

The news article tonight also showed one of the 'militia' member's sidearm: a plastic (toy) gun. Dunno what he thought he was going to do with it, or if the MSM is trying to 'inform' us that we 'need to help these people', but it was ludicrous. I just can't imagine what would prompt even an idiot four year old to go into a combat zone with a toy weapon. Too much reality tv, perhaps?
Oh, well- thin the herd, I guess.