Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gaviota provides us with a better translation of the El Universal article. "The United States 'shall be punished with all the weight of the law.'"

Remember the wretched Google translation of this? Gaviota does better.

Mike, here's a better translation:

Statements by the former head of the Office for the Control of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms weapons (ATF) in Mexico, Darren Gil, who revealed that they ordered him not to inform the Mexican Government on the covert operation Fast and Furious, which put some two thousand weapons in the hands of the Mexican criminal organizations, prompted the Mexican Government to push Washington to conclude the investigation carried out with regard to this operation.

After the revelations were revealed by Gil, who worked at the Embassy of United States in Mexico, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) expressed "it's serious concern at assertions" on alleged unlawful acts within the framework of the operation.

Gil told the television network CBS that they knew from 2010 the progress of the operation fast and furious at the Embassy of United States in Mexico, and the direct order received from Washington was to not inform the authorities of our country that they were tolerating the passage of thousands of weapons. He also assured that the direct supervisor in Washington did know of the operation, which implied undercover weapons trafficking, and that the highest authorities of the ATF had authorized such a plan.

"In relation to new statements issued by Mexican and U.S. media, as well as the Center for Public Integrity, on the operation called fast and furious, led by the ATF, Mexico's Government ratifies its serious concern of the claims of alleged unlawful acts within the framework of the operation," the Attorney-General said in a statement yesterday.

The Mexican Unit stressed "the importance that the investigation is carried out as soon as possible, to clarify the facts".

The PGR added that, based on the results of the investigations, the United States "shall be punished with all the weight of the law as to whomever might be responsible for the commission of illicit acts."

The unit reiterated that the Mexican Government was not informed of any operation involving the uncontrolled transfer of weapons to Mexico and that this practice is not permitted under national law, so an operation which contemplated that would not have been acceptable to the Government of Mexico under any circumstances.

"The Government of Mexico reiterates its demand to the authorities of United States that they stop the flow of illegal arms towards our country, that it is precisely this resource that facilitates the violence generated by criminal organizations," said the Attorney General of the Republic.

The Government of the United States had no comment on the statements of Gil.


Anonymous said...

Bingo. International crisis.

rexxhead said...

I wonder how long that fuse is...

Bad Cyborg said...

And exactly does that banana republic t'other of the Rio Bravo think it can do to punish the U.S. "with all the weight of the law"? What are they going to do, INVADE Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California? Demand we give them the ones they think are guilty?

From where I sit this is like a pygmy shrew (and the runt of the litter at that) threatening to beat up on an elephant. Their mouths are writing checks their Armed Forces cannot cash.

Sorry folks, but I have lived most of my life just north of that podunk backwards piss-poor excuse for a country south of of us. If it is such a shit-hot place, why are so many of its people willing to risk death crossing miles of open desert to get out of it?

Don't get me wrong. I don't like what those assholes in ATF did even a tiny bit. Downright despicable it was. But Mexico is going to "punish" US? For REAL??!! Give me a freaking break! "punished with all the weight of the law" my ass.

Bad Cyborg X