Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michelle Malkin on Hannity -- the video.

The link.


TPaine said...

Saw the show, Mike, and heard Michelle mention both you and David! If this thing doesn't blow up big-time, something is very, very wrong! Grassley and Issa do not seem to be pushing hard enough.

Dr.D said...

Every one seems to forget the hundreds if not thousands of Mexican's who have been victims of this, fiasco, and our much ballyhooed "War on Drugs"


Anonymous said...

The democrats in the senate are going to sit on this until it goes away. The media is going to ignore the democrats sitting on it because they don't want the democrats damaged with the voters.

We won't delve into the fact that the democrats are Marxists and the media are too!

Think they have an agenda?

John Smith said...

I guess better really really late than never....

Tommy Atkins said...

Thankfully , and to me suprisingly Michelle Malkin shares the very very deep sense of outrage over this that I do. That would indicate that she actually understands the serious nature of the crimes committed here. I was glad she also had the integrity to publically draw attention to the actual people that pulled this scandal out from under it's rock, screaming into the daylight.

Those of you that worry about Grassley and Issa moving too slowly, well I live in Satan's Toilet, AKA DC, and nothing ever happens in a hurry there.Every move they make is directed by house and senate "traditions", and they just have to do that dance. It is up to us, each and every one to keep the pressure up. If we do that, at least they will keep moving on it, and not let Holdem slip it back under it's rock.

Oh no, WV is Issack No doubt the sound they make in DOJ when another demand letter shows up

Anonymous said...

If this thing doesn't blow up big-time, something is very, very wrong!" Yeah, something IS very wrong. And, I'd like to second Dr. D's comment regarding the affected Mexican citizens, too.

Sen. Grassley probably is doing everything he can but remember, he works in a nightmare where you're trying to run through a room thigh deep in mo'lassas.

Still, it's nice to hear somebody acknowledge Mike and David. Personally, I am avoiding high hopes on any lasting outcomes because the warehouse is pretty full of replacement DC thugs.

Where do I buy the damn book?

Christian Patriot III said...

With all the wrong going on in the world, it's nice to see 30 seconds of right. Too bad most "mainstream" citizens have been conditioned to knee jerk out an epithet every time Fox News is mentioned and probably will never see or hear of operation Gun Runner. Yet they'll wail and keen when the war on drugs or government malfeasance is mentioned.

Cheers Mike and Dave. Good pub.