Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are they REALLY this stupid? To select Cover-Up Queen Jamie Gorelick as the next FBI Director?!? Why? To keep the lid on Gunwalker?

Jamie Gorelick, Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton Justice Department under then-Attorney General Janet Reno from 1994 to 1997. From the Oklahoma City bombing to the 9/11 Commission, Jamie Gorelick IS the undisputed Cover-Up Queen.

Chris Neefus,, reports:

The Obama administration reportedly is considering former Clinton administration official Jamie Gorelick, among others, to become the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The Wall Street Journal’s Evan Perez first reported the news last week, citing “U.S. officials” familiar with the situation.

The Perez article, headlined "White House Intensifies Search for Next FBI Chief," said in part:

The Obama administration is ramping up its search for a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director, as Robert Mueller's term approaches its end in early September, with former Bush and Clinton administration officials and a federal judge among those being considered. . .

The candidates being discussed, according to U.S. officials, are James Comey, Kenneth Wainstein, Patrick Fitzgerald and Merrick Garland. Also in the running, the officials said, are Michael Mason, John Pistole and Jamie Gorelick. . .

Messrs. Comey, Garland and Pistole didn't respond to requests for comment. Messrs. Fitzgerald, Wainstein and Mason, and Ms. Gorelick declined to comment.

Moe Lane, writing at Red State, comments:

Fox Nation reports that Jamie Gorelick is on the Obama administration’s short list for new FBI Director. Gorelick’s political rap sheet is a thing of wonder: it includes Fannie Mae, Countrywide Loans, defending Duke University after the lacrosse case, (most infamously) the Gorelick Wall - and these days she’s the defense lawyer for British Petroleum. Which basically means that Gorelick brackets the entire political spectrum in terms of offensiveness, from conservative to progressive. Not a full bracket, of course. There are no reports that the woman is also involved in piracy, human trafficking, the international drug trade, and/or arms smuggling, after all… but then, there are only twenty-fours in the day, and seven days in the week.

Bitter humor aside, let me be blunt. Nominate Jamie Gorelick for any position in this administration and the resulting confirmation hearing will make the Harriet Miers debacle look like a Sunday School picnic. Republicans will get off of their deathbeds in order to fight this nomination - because while Democrats have managed to make themselves forget that Gorelick penned an order that helped to cripple our internal counter-terrorism protocols before 9/11, REPUBLICANS HAVE NOT. As to legislators… the question is not whether Republican Senators will sign off on this. They will not. The question is how many Democratic Senators running for re-election next year will be willing to take yet another metaphorical bullet for this administration by supporting Gorelick’s nomination. I suggest that the number is less than the administration thinks.

But surely this is merely a rumor: nobody in the administration is really stupid enough to nominate a woman who is this notorious.


Of course if they are determined to stonewall the Gunwalker scandal, and they need a cover-up specialist at the FBI, there's no one more skilled than Gorelick.


WarriorClass III said...

Nazi's are at the helm. I suspect the show will start sooner than later.


otterhauser said...

Never underestimate the willingness of the Hussein Regime to do everything in its power to damage the United States while protecting the thug-in-chief. Putting a criminal like Gorelik in charge of the FBI would reduce the Agency to the purely political operative state Fearless Leader craves. From investigating political opponents to threatening Gunwalker whistle blowers, the FBI would be Hussein's personal army.

Sdv1949 said...

She'd never be confirmed. Her confirmation hearing would become the Gunwalker hearing. As much as I'd love to break out the popcorn and enjoy it, it will not come to pass.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes they are that stupid. Surprised?

Pineywoods Patriot said...

These dip shits live intheir own reality. Nothing they do surprises me.

Also the CSR prepared a report of the Libya invasion being unconstitutional & in violation of the NATO charter & UN agreements.

Damn the bad luck

Anonymous said...

Confirmation Hearing? What Confirmation hearing. He'll wait till congress is recessed for the summer and give her the job by Executive fiat.

Anonymous said...

Mike Vanderboegh lives off his wife, who works at a forklift company -- and also gets a monthly disability check from our "Marxist" federal government because he claims to be too sick to work.

The American Dream.

Sean said...

Anon,8:01, gotta flash for you. I have actually met Mike and can confirm with my own eyes his disabilities. As for living off his wife, my own wife makes more than I do, and it don't bother me one bit. And Mike has gone balls to the walls at RTCs, and such, when advised by a physician not to even be on his feet, causing him excruciating chronic pain, and further doctor bills, visits, medicines, treatments. He's a former enemy, and has never put a uniform on for this country, and he has my RESPECT. Know why? Because he walks the walk, amigo. I'm a combat vet, and I'll tell you flat out that Mike has the right stuff. You yourself are part of the American Dream. Snarky people who like to take shots at ones who at least have the courage of their convictions, anonymously. Got an axe to grind? Try me, hotshot, I got your grit.

Anonymous said...


When they send people out to harass you it means you're both effective and someone they can't avoid dealing with.

Note the attack is personal and discusses none of the issues that you report upon and investigate.

As you know this is the Marxist's calling card, which is just part of the etiology of the disease, which is the left.

You are now in rare company because they only send these people when they precieve a threat, which you obviously represent.

Don said...

"The American Dream" indeed. More like typical Democrat sandbox playground mudlsinging. Bring real ammo to the fight anon - If you want to make it personal have the balls and intestinal fortitude to use a real persona. That way we'll get to see if you can take as well as you get.

TPaine said...

I love anonymous posts! Cockroaches never live in the light. And there is nothing more satisfying than stomping one into so much white mush! Cowards by any other name (like "anonymous") are still cowards.

Bad Cyborg said...

Re: anon @ 8:01 PM, March 24, 2011

My experience is that when someone has nothing of substance to say they resort to ad hominem attacks.

I'm not yet old enough to draw Social Security (28 months and counting down) so I don't have anything coming in at the moment but my wife, too, supports us - her idea. I just save our daughter $1,200/month in childcare expenses. Mike's solution to the problem of staying alive doesn't bother me one bit.