Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PRC spank.

I would say, "incredible" but this is the same industry that took Jihadis out of the Sum of All Fears and substituted American neo-Nazis. John Milius must be spitting nails.


Dedicated_Dad said...

LOVE the double-speak:

"...An MGM spokesman said that no one at the studio has had discussions with Chinese government officials about "Red Dawn..."

Which is - no doubt - true!

The Chinese-Govt called Dear Reader, who sent his minions to "talk to" the studio.

Can't have us bad-mouthing our masters, now can they?

Anonymous said...

Well now............that's gonna be a believable scnario.


Anonymous said...

"The video game "Homefront," which was released this week and features a script by John Milius, writer of the original "Red Dawn," was also originally intended to feature a Chinese invasion. For business reasons, publisher THQ changed the occupying forces to North Korea." - A quote from later in the article......

Carl Bussjaeger said...

I can't see getting worked up this. For one, having China invade would be pretty unrealistic, unless you're thinking of them moving in and settling down ala the Brits in India. Why invade a country they already mostly own? Why risk the damage to their property?

And that said, why should the producers, who are in business to make money, alienate a fricking huge market segment?

Swapping in the NKs as the invaders is more... "realistic" since their leadership really is batshit insane enough to take on a nuclear superpower just a wee bit bigger than themselves.

Jimmy the Saint said...

The NORKs should be happy - they've reached fictional superpower status.

Wanton cowardice, even by Hollywood standards

DouginSalcha said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers that little 'switch'; we don't want to 'hurt the feelings' of the Muslims and now the Chinese. What about Americans? What about the author of the book(s)?

Sean said...

In my version of Red Dawn, release date unavailble, the Chinese get used (the heads) on the many available soccer playing fields in the DFW area. The bodies enrich the soil, and the equipment winds up at the Army/Navy surplus stores. Obongo hails us from his sturdy alpine redoubt in Switzerland.

Dick's Dad said...

Why are they picking on the poor mis understood Norks?

If Hollywood are the good progressives they claim to be, then they should know that things have value beyond crude financial gain and the making of a filthy profit...

Turpe Lucrum!


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Jazz said...

CB said:
"For one, having China invade would be pretty unrealistic, unless you're thinking of them moving in and settling down ala the Brits in India."

Let's see....

China has a huge population and is looking for a place for some 300,000,000 "extra" men. What's available?

They could go north into Siberia ... except Russia has asked them kindly to consider that Russia wouldn't mind leveling ALL of China (should that be attempted), reducing the population to several hundred million ... cockroaches (the ones that don't get incinerated).

They could go west into India ... except India is smaller in size and already having their own population problems.

They could ship a few hundred million into Africa ... but they are already extracting valuable materials from there.

They could go into Australia ... but that continent couldn't support the population growth.

Hmm. Where can China find the "lebensraum" they want ... especially someplace with enough women (once they get rid of the men).

Oh! I know! North America!!!

How's that scenario appeal to you?!?

Dick's Dad said...

The excess "Little Emporers"?

As Mike pointed out a couple years back, they have very little interest in politics.

I checked that out with some who I know, and they confirmed what Mike said.

They're also not much interested in girls, whom they regard as strange, demanding, alien creatures that aren't interested in computer games...

Chinese girls now, they would probably be very interested in western boyfriends.

Interestingly, most of the Chinese whom I know well are libertarian - not at all what the central committee wanted.

Dick's Dad said...

Come to think of it, what I just described is the way that the Chinese do things, send a few hundred million emmigrants. There's no need for subterfuge or conflict.

The mainland Chinese are usually shocked when they discover that Europe's entitlement schemes are far more communist than anything China has

WarriorClass III said...

The Fed has bought more debt than the Chinese have ever dreamed of (if they had such a nightmare). Besides, it's not the enemy out side the gate we need to worry about. It's the zombies within that will eat you!


John said...

Jazz- According to the World Parliamentarians Congress of 1959, China is supposed to administar from Los Angeles down to the Canal Zone.

Iran/Iraq/India/Pakistan/Saudi Arabia has more to fear if China does choose to become a military empire (easier to march men on land than cross oceans)