Monday, March 28, 2011

Poor Melson?: Obama & Holder will give him the excremental end of the stick on Gunwalker. Will he be extradited to Mexico? What's next, the Hague?

Melson enjoins the Nuremberg defense. "I was only following orders."

So, on Friday and over the weekend I received reports that Acting Director of ATF Kenneth Melson (known to some ATF agents as "aka Elmer Fudd") had a town hall meeting with the agents in Baltimore. They are reported to have peppered him with questions about the Gunwalker scandal. The agent's grapevine has it that he tried to say that it was no big deal and that Dodson is simply a disgruntled employee because he botched a case and the U.S. Attorney's Office wouldn't give him (Dodson) a search warrant to stop some guns from going across the border. This is of course crap and the beginning of the character assassination which is likely going to be the smear tactic of choice during the hearings for the cover-up artists. Expect "Waco Jim" Cavanaugh to trot this one out soon. He, after all, cannot be held to account by Congress for lying about something that, when challenged, he can defend with a mere "Well, that's what some lying SOB told me, Congressman. I wasn't lying. I was telling the truth about a lie. Besides I'm retired so what can you do to me?"

Anyway, after this feeble performance, the agents are said to have peppered him with questions about where and who were the "stupidvisors" involved? Melson stammered. As one source says:

Precisely ......dumbass.....he (Dodson) was trying to stop the guns from WALKING and they wouldn't let him. When asked why he hasn't given at least an internal statement to the ATF masses ..... SOMETHING ..... he allegedly said he was told not to by Main Justice. Obviously he was not aware that Gil was coming could they not be?

I agree with the sources. This was a pitiful performance on Melson's part. Can he really be that clueless as to where this is heading?

Now, let's review for a moment.

1. ATF headquarters ordered that firearms be allowed to "walk" across the border, where they reasonable expectation that they would kill Mexican citizens. (Indeed, the emails uncovered by Grassley and CBS indicate that ATF employees are gleefully reporting increasing murder rates and refer to "our guns".)

2. Obama says that he and Holder issued no such orders, placing the onus on Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer and Melson.

3. The facilitation of firearms smuggling to commit murder across borders is an act of war, contrary to every treaty and protocol we have with the Mexican government.

4. The Mexicans are some kind of pissed at the stacks of bodies that these Gunwalkers facilitated. They have already threatened to ask for the extradition of any ATF employee implicated in the scandal. I imagine the higher on the Gunwalker food chain you are, the more the Mexicans will want you. And if the US is unwilling to give up Melson for extradition, as I'm sure the Obamanoids are, then in order to placate growing domestic pressure Calderon, who is facing re-election soon, will go to the next level and file a formal complaint with the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Melson, aka Elmer Fudd, believed what the wabbit and the duck told him and he is left, in the aftermath of Obama's and Holder's denials, with the Nuremberg defense: I was only doing what I was ordered to.

If I didn't know that Melson was, HAD TO BE, a willing actor in the Gunwalker scandal, I almost might feel sorry for him. But in light of the evidence already understood, defending himself with the twin cravenly excuses of smearing John Dodson's character and the Nuremberg mantra reveals Melson to be a despicable international criminal who deserves to stand before the bar of justice. I prefer American justice myself. But I'm sure that the Mexican government, this one or the one that follows when Calderon is dumped in the next election, will press for justice wherever and whenever it can.

Melson, bubba, you're a criminal now. Get used to it. If you're going to roll on your superiors, now's the time to pick up the phone and call Senator Grassley. The Nuremberg defense will get you exactly and precisely where it got the Nuremberg defendants -- swiftly convicted.

Alfred Josef Ferdinand Jodl (10 May 1890 – 16 October 1946). He was just following orders too.


Anonymous said...

Top story Fox online:

Anonymous said...

The Mexican President is elected for a single, six-year term. Their constitution prevents him from running for a second term. Their election will be a wide open, damn the United State affair. And they will have a very GOOD reason.

Dennis308 said...

Mike,Annon 3:38 is correct a Mexican President Only holds the Office One Term of six years and each President can Enact One Law without the Approval of the Mexican Congress or Senate.

But Calderon's Party (PAN)has held the Presidency for the last two terms. And as corrupt as Mexican Politics are PAN is probably the least corrupt. It was Vincenty Fox the former President that encouraged the people of Mexico NOT to pay the MORDITA of local Police and Bureaucrats.

It was also former President Fox that also passed a law that made former Presidents Prosecutable for Corruption and other Offences that they commit while in Office.Before that The President was Immune to Prosecution from Anybody for just about Anything.


aughtsix said...

As much as I hate and despise these tyrant supporting bastards, I would NOT want any of them tried at The Hague.

Surrendering another major piece of what remains of US sovereignty is simply unacceptable, and deadly to our cause. In addition, we need to establish anew that we, ourselves, can detect, try and convict our own "domestic terrorists."

We don' need no steenking "international tribunals!"



wv: shing... isn't that the sound a guillotine makes?

Anonymous said...

Odumbo may disavow. Billary maybe not. She was squawking about guns going into mexico from the U.S. long ago. Mouthpiece. Odumbo had to know.