Thursday, March 31, 2011

How come nobody ever calls me when they've got parachute flares to give away?


I mean, they're so useful.


Pat H. said...

Those in the photo look like flares fired from from a 155mm howitzer, very bright, stay up a long time, expensive. I've never fired any, but have been involved in operations where they were. They do create that "Apocalypse Now" setting rather well.

I don't think they're constructed the same as those dropped from an airplane.

Anonymous said...

ATF agent says that "practice rifle grenades" are illegal?

Happy D said...

Not hard to build. Dangerous but not hard.

Anonymous said...

Just think how many tens of thousands,or more,of such things are out there unkown to anyone but a few.


Anonymous said...

...fully automatic shotgun?

I mean, I know they exist, but I strongly suspect this is a "journalist's guide to firearms" type thing.

Pat H. said...

Folks that think they need a fully automatic shotgun haven't fired a Benelli.

You can fire all 8 rounds in a Benelli in 1.5 seconds.

That means that you can put more projectiles in the air than a submachine gun in that time.