Thursday, March 31, 2011

ALIPAC weighs in: "Obama Administration Caught Arming Mexican Illegal Alien Rebels ." The "T" Word.

ALIPAC statement here.

David Codrea's comment here.

My comment to ALIPAC prior to the release:

Concur with David's analysis. Now is the time to demand immediate hearings. The more pressure they get, the sooner we'll see results. Nothing has happened in this story without "rude behavior" on somebody's part. Help us bang the pots and pans. Understand that this goes straight to the doorstep of the White House. It was not a "sting gone bad." They did not care about dead bodies -- Mexican or American. What they wanted was stacks of bodies to justify further inroads against the liberties of American firearm owners. It was a deliberate conspiracy to subvert the Second Amendment and yes, that is treason.


Dick's Dad said...

Mexican AG resigns

BBC report mentions wikileaks but no mention of Gunwalker.

Anonymous said...


Dick's Dad said...

Another from the BBC

Austrian police arrest 'Obama-mask bank robber'

One man with that face will go to jail for his crimes, I wonder about the other one?

I'm reminded of the Ancient Greek joke about Alexander the Great asking a Bandit whom he had just sentanced for his crimes, what he and his gang thought they were doing, raiding innocent citizens, killing and stealing from them for their own vanity.

The Bandit replied:

"Exactly the same as you, with your great army and great navy, except, for my successes I am condemned as a bandit, while you are praised as Emperor"

Bad Cyborg said...

Who is going to do the prosecuting? The DOJ? And if the House were to indict anyone (as in their part of an impeachment) there is no way the Senate is going to vote to convict. These boys have it made in the shade.

Nope. Ain't nobody responsible going to get pinched for any of this. There're only two ways the people responsible are going to leave office. One way involves creating widows and orphans WHICH I MOST EMPHATICALLY DO NOT ENDORSE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!

The other way is to vote Obama (and a whole host of others) out of office next year and hope that the replacements thoroughly clean house. Ain't holding my breath on any of that.

Anonymous said...

You get "hanged" for treason. You get "hung" by good genes.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to donate an old feather pillow and I think I might have a bucket of roofing tar out in the shed. Now all we need is a rail to carry him out of town on. Good riddance to BAD RUBBISH.

Anonymous said...

@Bad Cyborg: unfortunately, nobody is "voted" in or out of office these days. has more than enough info on that to convince most sheep. I'm afraid the only way these libtards are gonna get thrown out is the one which makes their re-entry into politics 99.99999999999999999% impossible. "Statistically speaking", that is. Always have to allow for the zombie factor, y'know.

Anonymous said...

I love ropes! They're so green and environmentally friendly!

They really add something to the improperly accessorized tyrant. That big knot just beside their ear is so becoming!