Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Maybe we don't have any senses." Alabama's Manroy buys Sabre Defense. Good on us.

I'm a little late in noticing, but Alabama's U.S. affiliate of Britain's Manroy, based in Scottsboro, beat out Colt in buying Sabre Defense.

My attention was drawn to the above article by JJ forwarding this story about how it came to be on the auction block --

"Guns made by Nashville's Sabre ended up in Middle East: 4 execs to change not guilty pleas in arms trafficking case."

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Dick's Dad said...

I'm not going anywhere near questioning a prosecution for shipping to Jordan, but I will ask a couple of questions on other parts of it.

Does the US have a closer military and intelligence ally than Britain?

Why then, the regulatory barriers between the two?

I also note that while the whole world imports its consumer goods from China, guns, ammo and parts of guns are embargoed, as punishment for Tianamin Square. The question is, punishment for whom?

A director of a company I used to buy stuff from in England (York Guns) was arrested at the SHOT show, on suspicion of being part of a conspiracy to import AK drum mags, stamped to say they were made in I think it was Romania, but allegedly made in China.

Would that the B*stards that sold me a Chinese fake of a Nokia phone, that says "Made in Finland" and that lasted all of 3 weeks, ah, never mind.

WVsays "phing"