Sunday, March 27, 2011

Praxis: More on web gear.

Just received this note:

Hi Mike,

I'd also like to recommend the following book related to American web gear. I do Vietnam living history displays . . . and this book has been invaluable in both ventures: American Web Equipment, 1910-1967, by Martin J. Brayley, published by Crowood Press c.2006. The text is very informative about every version of US web gear, all it's parts and accessories, and there are MANY pictures, all large and hi-res. Worth every penny. A picture of the cover is attached.

Many thanks for your extensive effort on Gunwalker as well. Keep up the good fight, we appreciate it!

Mike D


oldsmobile98 said...

Good stuff.

I have some German Bundeswehr web gear. Flecktarn is a great pattern for around these parts (East TN), and some of it can be had on the cheap from the internet.

The web gear set I use is found here.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Greg is one of the best people I've ever dealt with. Quality products at a very fair price. Tell him what size you are and he'll get you what fits, everytime.
Unlike Sportsmans Guide, one size fits all no matter how big or little you are. Even on the 3rd try.