Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Convicted (and self-admitted) extortionist to "represent the Three Percent."

My thanks to the several of you who drew my attention to "Kerodin" (not his real name) again.

I have decided to underwrite a national tour of Gun Shows and Gun Stores in dominant Red States and 2012 Swing States. This will not be easy and it certainly won't be cheap! But I can't think of a better way to build bridges than to reach across tables and shake the hands of patriotic Americans who will agree with most of our values, if they know we exist.

I will make certain they know we, the III, exist.

I will make certain they understand our values, as detailed in our Platform that many of you helped to craft. I will make certain they Awaken as much as possible by sending them to places like WRSA, Arctic Patriot, the Cliffs, the Guardians, and other Liberty Movement sites that will help them ramp up to speed as quickly as possible.

Of course, having "our values" represented by a convicted predatory felon would not discredit them, would they? Whatever gave me that idea?


David III said...

Somehow I have missed this info, what has Kerodin been convicted of?

Dutchman6 said...

Anonymous said...

Guys like this are a shame to all of us who hold high standards. We must make sure we separate ourselves from such whores.

If seen at a show espousing threeper virtues, etc., I suggest he should be carefully confronted as the fraud and extortionist he is... Maybe he'll be at the KC Shoot? Setting up targets maybe?

To do nothing is as evil as he is.

Bob Katt

bitter clinging Texan said...

Given the current state of the "justice" system in America,I'm not inclined to render negative judgement on anyone solely on the basis of them being convicted of a felony; However, this "kerodin" character seems to be an internet super-troll on the same level as "Gunkid" and Charlie Zelenoff so I can understand Mr Vanderboegh's reluctance to be associated with the gentleman

Gaviota said...

This guy is a freakazoid narcissist, and absolutely nothing he does is for any reason other than self-aggrandizement. I hate to think what all the people he talks to are going to think about threepers when he's done with them.

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

Maybe - if you, Mike V, are truly contrite and repentant - Kerodin will let you join him, Wayne LaTrine and Sebastian on their victory tour~ they say that weinermobile is a smooth ride.

Anonymous said...

I would probably walk away if I were to stumble upon a group of people online who shared a similar idea about life if I was almost immediately at odds with much of their leadership, organization, structure, ideas, attitudes, etc.
I would certainly not create a virtual mirror image of that group, adopt their symbols as my own, create division within it, attempt to reshape and redefine it according to my own beliefs, behave as if I were a leader of it, make money from it, and draw attention to the new group as if it were the the genuine article when in fact it is just a copy-cat.

This sounds an awful lot like Lucifer whose massive superiority complex and similar rebellious behavior, desires, and intentions resulted in a massive fallout.

Personally, I believe Kerodin wants attention for himself above all else, but I also believe the attention he attracts will include the authorities who will arrange for his downfall.

Will the real III-per militia general please stand up? said...

Well, perhaps this Kerodin as a convicted felon will do better that the ADL/SPLC militia general Red Mike Vanderboegh.

Both of them self-appointed themselves.

Anonymous said...

Kerodin in NO WAY speaks for me. He is going to be a BAD representative of the IIIper movement as he's more than a little blood thirsty and lacks much in the way of rational thought.


David III said...

Ok found the info on Mr. Hyman, here's the link for anybody else who wants to know, with your permission Mike....

Dedicated_Dad said...

Please note that - taking My Lord's admonitions regarding the judging of others to heart - I am neither defending nor attacking Mr. Kerodin. Instead I'm going to attempt to point out a few facts, and ask a serious question or three.

First, his history is - obviously - unfortunate. Given the circumstances, I'm sure that he'd have to admit that if roles were reversed he'd advise caution as well.

Put another way, If Mike (or myself for that matter) were the one with the "history", I'm sure Mr. Kerodin would advise caution as well, and likely in equally strong terms.

Further, I must agree that said history has the potential to not only undermine the message, but to provide ammunition to The Enemy - a fact which I'd hope Mr. Kerodin would acknowledge as well.

The man said he's going "to underwrite a national tour of Gun Shows and Gun Stores in dominant Red States and 2012 Swing States..."

What does "underwrite" mean?

Substituting the most common (non-insurance/non-mortgage) definition, his statement would read:

"I have decided to provide and/or guarantee financial support for a national tour ..."

Perhaps - if he truly has the means and the desire to fund such an effort - he could be persuaded to truly underwrite (as opposed to "underTAKE") such a tour, comprised of folks whose pasts are less of a liability.

Personally, I think such a project is a laudable undertaking. With the right people "out front" - it has the potential to do a lot of good!

In fact, it could well be one of the best ideas I've heard since Mr. Almond conceived the "RTC" rallies.

For this reason, I would suggest we take a step back, evaluate the possibilities, and consider trying to work with him to make this happen!

Assuming - for the moment - that the worst "fear" is true, and he's working for ATF. What would we have to lose by cooperating with him in this undertaking?

If he's willing to work with an appropriate "committee" to develop an education plan (and relevant "handout" materials), and to finance the operation so that others with a clean history could run with it, why not?

Let's face it: If you're posting on this site - or even "lurking" - Big Brother already knows who you are, and from there, finding out pretty much everything else there is to know is trivial. If you're not aware of these facts, you need to educate yourself.

Therefore, I see no reason not to try to work with him to make this educational-effort a reality. No "secrets" need be shared - though welikely have no genuine "secrets" at this point in our surveillance-state anyway.

Frankly - given all circumstances, not just Mr. Kerodin's history - gathering any information from the folks we'd meet would be a mistake. There's simply no sense in making Big Brother's work any easier for him.

IF however the focus were on education - on helping American gun-owners to better understand their heritage, their rights and responsibilities as Citizens in our Republic, and their potential role in what the future may bring - it seems to me the risks would be negligible and the potential benefit almost limitless.

We all came to our "awakening" through various paths, and have attempted to educate others in our sphere of influence. If Mr. Kerodin is willing to finance an effort to spread that education, and to awaken more people, that would IMHO be A Very Good Thing.

Food for thought - $0.02, YMMV, Etc.
I welcome discussion, input - and especially education. If you think I'm wrong, please tell me so!

Otherwise, please consider backing off a bit, and utilizing a potential resource for the good of all...



Anonymous said...

Our values were once represented by slaveholding smugglers and blockade runners. People who attacked, tarred, and feathered (that is usually fatal, btw) "innocent" tax collectors, only doing their jobs. Over a lot less than what we're subject to.

I'm not going 'round with anyone on this though, as one opinion is as valid as the next, depending on the hearer.

I know you're doing what you think is right Mike, and I respect that, even though I disagree with you. Hopefully we can agree to disagree.

You know what they say, you can tell a dutchman, but you can't tell him much...


Stay safe.


WarriorClass III said...

And after all the good press we got from Bill Clinton, now we have this guy discrediting the three percent!

Did Bill put you up to this Kerodin?


Dutchman6 said...

David Olofson is a convicted felon. He was also a railroaded prisoner of conscience. As a Christian I am keenly aware of the power of transformative experience. As an ex-communist, how could I not be?

So it is not merely that "Kerodin" (not his real name) is a felon, but what KIND of felon and what kind of personality type is evidenced by the facts of his case -- facts that he admitted.

That narrative tells me that at least he is a con artist and a predator. He used the heightened concerns after 9/11 to extort money from honest businesses. And it is not as if he's openly contrite about it either. He is unapologetic, acting as if his arrest and conviction were some sort of political oppression. How many times do I have to say this? HE'S A FRIGGING CONVICTED EXTORTIONIST?

He is a walking, talking timebomb of discredit. He cannot be anything else. There are some things that people, even sincerely changed people, cannot do after making their own screw-ups in life.

In the 90s we had a guy in the 1st Alabama, a convicted felon on an old drug rap who had gotten himself turned around, who wanted to help out. Obviously we had to keep him away from anything to do with firearms. I gave him an intelligence mission and performed it admirably. He continues to aid me from time to time today, all on the QT because he understands that his record can be used against not only him but the movement.

He also recognizes that as much as he wishes differently, that is all he can do at the moment consistent with the larger reality.

Kerodin's crime was not political, it was applied sociopathy. In the 90s, Bob Wright and I learned to our eternal sorrow that when such people showed up to "help" they almost always had either their own agenda or somebody else's firmly in mind.

Were Kerodin sincere about advancing the cause of liberty, he would find a way to do so that wasn't automatically self-discrediting to that cause.

Since he hasn't, it is fair to ask, what "cause" does he really serve?

Dennis308 said...

Without going into detail, I am also a convicted felon. I have had a Expungement in the State that I WAS residing at the time of these convictions. Some of these convictions where Drug Related(not possion)and some where Assault Related(on a police officer twice). The Expungement cost me in money and time, I even had to wait for one of the Judges that convicted me to die(natural causes). This Expungement restored all my Constitutional Rights in that paticular State. There were other things that I was NOT Convicted of but the the Investigations were RICO related. I am one of those people who has turned their lives around. Am I also be unwelcome in the Threeper Community because I would Discredit the Movement.If so,To Bad,cause I am here and not going away.

I have never meat Kerodin, and will not Judge him until I do,not that I ever will. I don't agree with anybody 100% of the time including You a former Red,Pete a former Prosecutor,and Kerodin a maybe former Crook. I won't judge anyone because of their past. Be they criminal,cop,or red.


By the way,just because I won't judge someone doesn't mean that I trust them either, that is on a individual basis,and only with first hand knowledge.