Sunday, March 20, 2011

CBS confirms Sipsey Street post of this morning. "'Gunwalking' scandal final straw leading to resignation of U.S. ambassador to Mexico."

"What can I say? I'm just another government professional that the Gunwalker Scandal made look like an incompetent, ineffectual but dangerous schmuck."

Sharyl Attkisson reports: "Gunwalking" scandal final straw leading to resignation of U.S. ambassador to Mexico.

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, has resigned under pressure.

In recent weeks, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon has said in public he doesn't trust Pascual (seen at left). Several sources close to diplomatic circles inside Mexico tell CBS News that from Mexico's viewpoint, the ATF "gunwalking" scandal was the final straw in a series of controversies.

First, Pascual has been dating the daughter of a mistrusted and alleged cartel-linked opposition legislator.

Second, Pascual's critical views of Mexico in secret U.S. diplomatic cables were leaked on WikiLeaks several weeks ago. In one cable, Pascual said Mexico had turned a blind eye to U.S. leads on how to capture drug lords.

More recently, Mexico has demanded information from the U.S. on the ATF controversy revealed by CBS News, in which ATF agents allegedly allowed thousands of weapons to cross the border, supposedly in a failed attempt to gain intelligence to take down a major drug cartel. Some Mexican legislators have publicly said ATF agents who crafted and carried out the strategy could be extradited to Mexico and arrested. The legislators quote ATF agent John Dodson, as interviewed in our report.

Published reports, including one in the Miami Herald, quote the White House as recently having said U.S. officials thought the tiffs would blow over.

Are we good or what?


Anonymous said...

If this turns out anything like Watergate, this guy is just the first of many fall men.

Radio Patriot said...

The fall guy... I think he might be. But for who? This guy's career in the foreign service was exemplary. Perfect foil for the nefarious doings of others with a different agenda? Methinks so... Check your email for particulars.

Anonymous said...

All he needs is a little dental work to look like Alfred E. Newman.

Anonymous said...

Wow, You and Codrea have created an international incident!
You guys need to watch your backs.
Where is the NRA? Still selling wine. "My this is a nice Red we have here. I know Larry. Have another glass. By the way,how is our new membership drive doing"?
They( Obama and Ilk) are still pushing their gun control program.
Next target: The Internet.
That damned Internet.
It is in the wrong hands! Damned Peoni! They don't know their place!
Indeed, The Pen can be Mightier than the Sword.