Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something I've been saying for years.

A tip of the boonie hat to Ron for this link. "Beware of Homeland Security Training for Local Law Enforcement, by An Insider."


Dakota said...

As I have always said be careful with the word terrorist. It all depends on who is defining what/who a terrorist is.

The feds are infiltrating local and county L E on a massive scale and actually subcontracting them to do federal work. I am sure that with the huge pay increase also comes a huge "re-education" seminar.

Carl said...

I haven't seen this in our department yet, but it is definitely going on at inter-agency seminars, etc. The established plan (see Stalin's example) is that after the local LE is used to implement gun confiscation and round up "dissidents," the local LE will be incarcerated or executed. Watch you six and observe tight opsec, LEO's. They're coming for us.

Dakota said...

Carl is a wise man ... yes the "useful idiots" are only useful up to a certain point when the "real" plan is revealed and they realize that they have made a huge mistake.

Usually these revelations come too late and after arresting and disarming their neighbors they won't be welcome anywhere now will they? I wonder if they ever think about that?

Anonymous said...

I'm a recent grad of the OPOTC basic police academy, and we got a double dose of what is described in the piece.

The gist of our Terrorism section was that Islamic Extremism doesn't exist, and that the Tea Party are all "Hitler worshiping, anti-government psychopaths who want to kill cops, and that if we ever pull someone over with a GOA or Gadsden Flag bumper-sticker, that we should have backup on the way and be ready for a fight."

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't sat through six months of it...

TPaine said...

Well, seeing as I qualify using all of the listed criteria, I guess I had better ask for advice on phone taps, surveillance and corrupt cops. Without trying to sound too paranoid (just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they AREN'T out to get me!)I would guess I'm on more than one list by now. I'm proud to be a 3%er!

Mark Matis said...

For TPaine:
1. Don't use any Microsoft products on any computer you care to not have monitored. I'm partial to Ubuntu, but YMMV. Yes, this IS posted from Windows 7. I'm not particularly concerned if they read it.

2. It is difficult for them to monitor a cell phone with its battery removed. I would not trust a cell phone in any other condition to not transmit info to the Bad Guys. Any hardline phone should be assumed to be monitored. I'm sure Mr. Vanderboegh can fill you in better on that. Do understand, though, that just because it is tapped DOES NOT mean that "Law Enforcement" will bother to do anything with threats made to you over that phone line. They're only after anything YOU do which can be used against you. They care not if some leftist swill does their job for them and murders you. The stench is overwhelming.

3. Know what the bottom of your car should look like. Find anything suspicious? No markings? It might be good to call the bomb squad and let them deal with it. There ARE corrupt cops. Anything WITH markings, use your imagination.

Bad Cyborg said...

I just posted my version of the Survival Blog piece plus Anon @ 9:06 AM's comment over at Rant Rave. Should be interesting to see the responses of the libs at that place.

You folks drop in and give me some views. Who knows, I might get into the most popular post area?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't leave much wiggle room regarding what they are attempting to do and where they are going with this.

They now officially call me a potential terrorist and all I ever wanted was to be left alone.

It was my mistake thinking that they were trustworthy and would do the right thing, that they were reasonable and basically well intentioned. Very clearly they aren't.

I won't ever make that mistake again, nor am I now inclined to give any quarter to any of them. I'm not going to participate in a show trial or live as a slave to puke sons of bitches like them.

This is what happens when you don't pull the trigger when you should have.

Sean said...

I heard that.

Anonymous said...

Well Crap! I have at least 9 out of 10 on that list.We don't home school. If we weren't almost done with school, I would. I work with a fellow who just got into the my city's police academy. He once expressed that he wishes people did have RFID chips so that you would know exactly who commited a crime and when. I asked him if he new what freedom meant. He said he didn't have anything to hide and did I? HA HA. I didn't talk to him about things like that anymore. Sad.

Anonymous said...

One trainer made the statement that “these people actually believe the Second Amendment gives them the personal right to own a gun.”

The Second Amendment did not "give" me the right of gun ownership. I hold my rights as a gift from God.


Anonymous said...

And the writer makes the same error, born of false hope, that so many others cling to as well:

That the ballot box still has the power to prevent those fed trainers' bosses from carrying out their vile plans.

Anonymous said...

Ever more important advice to:
//keep your mouth shut when pulled over or pulled aside
//always step outside and close the house door if you are going to speak with LEOs that come to your home
//let your lawyer do your talking for you if you are arrested

Hey, anybody have a list of friendly lawyers, by the way? Is there a good national firm or referral service so that enterprising young patriots can get one on retainer?

Mark Matis said...

By the way, it is probably ALSO worthwhile to remember that Taqiyya is not just for Muslims. Of course, YOU had better not try to use it with "Law Enforcement", but THEY have NO concern about using it with you. No, there will not be ANY sanctions for them if they do so.

Patrice Stanton said...

We are at least 8 out of 10. But about homeschooling: even if you have no kids or are finished educating them [or it's "too late" :-(] please, please, please consider supporting the Home School Legal Defense Association (

These folks are the BEST. They put lawyers on the phone with members when literally TROUBLE is at their DOOR! They tell you not to let CPS or anybody in that door and have provided legal support even for non-members in landmark-type cases. Look up the Richard and Margie Cressy family of New York state. It will curl your hair!

Patrice Stanton