Monday, March 28, 2011

Rutgers students come close to having self-awareness of their current standing in the world & then fail. But, hey, they came close for a moment.

Future walking resupply pods for killer zombies opine: Free gun giveaway makes no sense.

And yet, they admit that:

"Maybe we are just hopelessly out of touch with modern society or maybe our status as college students from New Jersey is preventing us from understanding why people in Montana seem to love guns so much."

Yes, and, yes.


Sean said...

The little bastards whine about "even though they pass a background check before recieving their weapon", as if it were a DISQUALIFIER for getting a gun. If you had to be canonnized before owning a gun, these poor excuses for human beings would probably bar the church door in protest. Self defense a human right? Guess again, Hasan!

Anonymous said...

Correct on every count...

Anonymous said...

I would bet nearly all of them would love a free car giveaway, even go through the drivers test to qualify to drive. Of course nobody gets killed or kills anyone in car accidents. I would doubt any of them would accept a 50 dollar pizza certificate instead. And these are to be the educated elite? indyjones

TPaine said...

This is hilarious! Typical college students who can't think unless their professor holds their hand. In the upper right-hand column is an ad for a violent video game, complete with buxom babe holding an awesome future weapon. Stee-rike ONE! Then they liken the RS give-away to a clothing shop that gives away cigarettes with a shirt purchase, stating that "cigarettes only kill one person...while guns can kill many people." I thought these lefties permised that 2nd-hand smoke killed thousands of non-smokers. Stee-rike TWO! But the best part is that they cannot fathom the success of the RS give-away. They are blind who cannot see. Stee-rike 3, and yer out!

fgd-anchorage said...

"[W]hy [do] people in Montana seem to love guns so much[?]"

"Why do ditch-diggers love their shovels so much?"

"Why do gandy-dancers love their pick-axes so much?"

"Why do (computer) geeks love their computers so much?"

There are some people who just don't understand the need and usefulness of tools even though the industrial revolution has been long past and we are in the information age which requires the need for computers (obvious and embedded) and connection to the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you as a graduate TA, who has to grade the papers of undergrads, lecture to them, and generally interact with them to a high degree, they are, as I like to call them "full-fucking-retard".

College newspapers are the bastions of non-thought and absurd reductions of immensely complicated issues (abortion, the Middle East, whatever, take your pick) to statements akin to "This is the why I think it should be, so it should be so, and anyone who thinks otherwise is plainly an idiot." Granted, not much different than mainstream media, but they have the common decency to not be to blunt about it.

For the record, the gun laws in New Jersey are set up as exceptions to the state constitution; in that actually owning a gun is a legal exception to the status quo of not being able to own a gun. You read that correctly.