Friday, March 25, 2011

Another country heard from . . . The Empire doesn't strike back. It merely waves its limp dick around thinking it impresses onlookers.

"Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain!"

In reply to my post below about Jamie Gorelick the Cover-Up Queen. Anonymous said...

Mike Vanderboegh lives off his wife, who works at a forklift company -- and also gets a monthly disability check from our "Marxist" federal government because he claims to be too sick to work.

The American Dream.

You know, I can't figure out what pisses my enemies off more. That I'm getting my extorted Social Security money back and they'll never get theirs? Or that I haven't died yet from congestive heart failure? It's a puzzle.

Or maybe it is just because in my shortened lifespan, with the help of my friends, I'm more of a danger to their regime than the average moke.

The poster is quite correct about where Rosey works, and the implied threat of this knowledge is duly noted. But still, I have to smile. If they are this juvenile, they really are the punks I've always suspected them to be.

"Waco Jim" Cavanaugh, is that you?

Afterthought: I told Bob Wright this the other day and I believe it to be true. Citizenship by example is both contagious and the greatest threat to the regime's appetites. Folks go around worried about getting on some list, or whether some federal agency is going to victimize them, so they hide their resistance, which in some cases means merely hiding their opinions for it is no real resistance at all.

Understand this. Both Bob and I have stuck our ugly mugs in the tyrant's face more than once over the years. Each of us, and there are many more like us, has caused the federal government more than a little bit of inconvenience and consternation in the past almost two decades.

Yet, WE ARE BOTH STILL ALIVE. We have not been imprisoned. We have not been beaten in spirit. Every day we exist unbloodied and unbowed proves the impotence of the federal Imperium. Oh, they have the means to kill us. They have proven that over the years. Yet in our cases they lack the will. And it is will that wins battles, and wars, whether they are shooting wars or political ones. Every day we still live and fight and defy the federal government shows the regime to be the timid punks that they are. As an example to others, that is a victory.

Some of you have asked me, when we met, "How are you doing?" I often answer "I'm still here." Sometimes I'll add "defying all expectations and many fervent wishes." Now you understand what I mean by that.

Every day of life for us is a victory over the big, bad, swaggering but limp-dicked Empire. Every day.

We are both still alive, Bob and me, and many others like us -- and that's what pisses these people off. Not our continued existence, mind you, but our continued good cheer in the face of their ineffectual threats, and especially the bad example that sets for other free men and women who may resist.

After that, insults like the one above are merely public displays of impotence and, really, rather pathetically funny. Even the implied threat is pathetic.


Halt! Or I'll demonstrate my impotence!


John said...

inspiring post -thank you sir.

Sean said...

A man will always have his detractors, but Mike, yours leave me uninspired. This guy ain't even original. Anyway, I left him a counter at the place here he spouted at, and maybe he'll notice, when not looking to scurry back under that rock. You know where to find me.III.

Son of Sam Adams said...

What they don't realize about those of us old enough to remember the real America: life is a Dutch auction. The older we get, the less we have to lose.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and thank you. We are all grateful.

Anonymous said...

Sir, you are an inspiration to those who felt as though there was no way to affect change. You've demonstrated that there is.

Of course, as you noted, the number of folks willing to put everything on the line is few. The excuse is usually something along the lines of "I have a family". Still, Three Percenters need their "Ten Percenters" to support them, do they not? Being "X" instead of III may not be as much of a badge of honor--while some of those who claim to be III need to back it up as being more than a label!--though not being part of the problem is ultimately good for the cause.

Don said...

What the leftista holophiles fail to realize is that such childish shenanigans only galvanize our resolve even further.

CowboyDan said...

"What they don't realize about those of us old enough to remember the real America: life is a Dutch auction. The older we get, the less we have to lose."

Son of Sam Adams, I just posted that as my status on FB.

I thank you for making a short, sweet statement that I can use. If it bugs you that I put it up, let me know and I'll delete it.

Mike, keep up the good work. A lot of us have the means to kill, but not (currently) the will. I hope to God it stays that way for a long time. God only knows, and time alone will tell.

Dedicated_Dad said...

For those who'd like to see what a *REAL* IIIper looks like, check out ""

Not only does this Patriot post under their real name, but their website also has their address and even directions to their house.

Oh, and a PINK AR, of which they're justifiably proud, and which I have ZERO doubt they know how to use!

Oh... Didn't I mention? They're a "she" - and they're pretty easy on the eyes, come to think of it!

This here is one hell of a woman, Gentlemen, and one who puts most of us to shame.

How she's made it this long without some smart guy taking her off the market is a mystery to me -- they're all probably too humiliated and/or intimidated.

Me, if I wasn't married, and if I wouldn't rather break open my head than break my oath, I'd be on my way to CO with a fresh bouquet in my hand, a book of sonnets under my arm, and a prayer for His guidance and wisdom upon my lips.

This Lady here is more of a man than "Anonymous" - and sadly most of us as well - will ever be.


Randy Dye said...

Chuckle, you rock Mike.