Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mexican Attorney General Resigns! Holder, go thou and do likewise. And take Darth Breuer with you.

A tip of the boonie hat and deep genuflection to Dedicated Dad for this link.

The BBC reports Mexico: Attorney General Arturo Chavez resigns

Mexico's Attorney General, Arturo Chavez, has resigned, President Felipe Calderon has confirmed.

Mr Chavez had been leading efforts to tackle Mexico's violent drugs cartels and reform the justice system for 18 months.

He said he was leaving for urgent personal reasons.

Mr Chavez is to be replaced by investigative prosecutor Marisela Morales, who will be Mexico's first female attorney general.

Holder, go thou and do likewise. And take Darth Breuer with you.


Anonymous said...

I have mostly given up commenting here but this one just needs to be addressed.

Would the resignations of Holder and Breuer be sufficient to quell this problem? Is that all you would seek in the wake of this lawlessness? Is not the right action in response to these allegations to proceed with hearings followed by criminal prosecutions and subsequent jail time?

And do tell, again, why this is not the time to end the reign of the ATF.


Bad Cyborg said...

If Holder DOES actually resign over this you won't be able to hear his speech for the noise in the background as Gabriel warms up his lip for his solo.

Anonymous said...

She won't last long. I'm sure his reasons were life threatening.

Anonymous said...

Holder needs to be in a prison cell.

Anonymous said...

Everything they say, think and do supports every Marxist idea any of these people ever had.

You see they are supported and protected, along with their programs and policies, by other Marxists in the media. This benefits them by creating a safe and productive environment within which to work their Marxist magic.

As long as most of the public is ignorant, and they are, deliberately so, everything is fine with the revolution!

CPUSA even has a phone bank now.

But they're isn't an conspiracy or linkage or anything like that. It's just a happy coincidence of ideas, ideaology and people.