Friday, March 25, 2011

New crisis for police agencies: They're running out of PC scenarios for their wargames.

Kim Jong Il, star of Team America. Besides white Christian capitalist American gun owners, he's the only PC-acceptable scenario evil bad guy left.

"Critics: Iowa terror drill portrays immigration foes as killers."

A reporter asked me for comment about this and I replied:

Political correctness has severely limited the scope of fictional scenario writers. Red Dawn, remade with Chinese bad guys, is itself remade at great expense before release to make the bad guys North Koreans. Like the North Koreans have that many armed sampans to project force across the Pacific. The Sum of All Fears gets made into a movie without Jihadis but with American neoNazis as bad guys. Of course, it is not like Jihadis have flown planes into American buildings or shot up American army bases before, right? The Manchurian Candidate gets remade with neither Manchurians nor Communists, but with evil capitalists.

What does that leave the PC scenario writers? White "extremists", almost always racists and neoNazis (although "Christian religious fanatics" are sometimes substituted). And, trust me, they are almost always "firearm enthusiasts." Because of course firearms ownership predisposes people to being a racist terrorist, right? Why don't these schmucks take a leaf from Hollywood and make all their bad guys North Koreans? Or, like Team America, at least malevolent interstellar cockroaches.

Or how about White Christian Religious Fanatic neoNazi Gun-toting North Koreans?

Now there's a plan.


Well, like they say, "DURKA DURKA MOHAMMED JIHAD!"


bitter clinging Texan said...

Actually, warriorclass, I would say, even though its probably not a widely held view in the three percent/liberty movement, that in the event of a government crackdown/martial law/SHTF situation, you would have WAY more muslims in america fight alongside or sympathize with the three percent than not. Think about it...a large number of Muslims in america are small-business owning, gun owning, religious people who are profiled as threats by the federal government........sounds kinda like us huh?

Michael Gilson said...

I'm an Iowa native, and a lot of people I know refer to "The Newspaper that Iowa depends on", published on Locust Street, Des Moines, as "The Locust Street Liar."

Maybe we need to write a song for these conflationers to sing, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christian"

The Spirit of '76 said...

Warrior Class makes an astute observation,

"We all know religious white males with guns are their scariest enemy."

Quite true.

It begs the questions,

"Who are 'they'?" and

"Why do they fear the Christian White Man (with or without guns)?"

Shy Wolf said...

I dunno, Bitter- my enemy of my enemy does not make him my friend. In case of a crackdown or martial law, I really don't see any muslims fighting 'alongside' any Threepers. At odds with them, for sure- being the same goal (destroying the current regime) but for different results (destroy America as opposed to returning to a Constitutional government).
So, for one, I don't see myself fighting beside these people at all. Not even close to 'being like us', really.
Interesting: WV is 'tricain'- which is exactly what'd happen if we side with them: we'd become Abel.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

bitter clinging Texan: you may be right about it not being a widely held view...but you are not alone in it. An excellent observation of the sort we should all keep our eyes and ears open for.

Bad Cyborg said...

Actually, as of 12:47 PM, Mar. 25, 2011, the "Locust Street Liar" is saying that the exercise has been canceled. Read about it here:

Apparently some people were not amused.

Bad Cyborg X

W W Woodward said...

Wait a minute! The organizers of the Iowa drill say the ONLY reason they're using the scenario in which white christian gun owners are portrayed as the bad guys is - for the FEDERAL MONEY!

Those whores would portray Jesus Christ himself as the bad guy if that was what the Feds required for them to get the MONEY.


WarriorClass III said...

"They said the use of the fictional scenario was included only to meet U.S. Department of Homeland security requirements to qualify for federal grant funds."

It is the DHS that considers religious white males with guns are their scariest enemy. Is that why they are groping women in the airports? No, that's just for fun.


Luton Ian said...

There may well be individual muslims with whom you can form a workable alliance, Just as the host of our meeting place was, in the distant past a communist.

While mike is a former communist, becoming a former muslim, the guys risk becoming ex-muslims. It is the duty of their fellows to kill them for leaving the fold, and some will.

Be well aware that the religion is only one small part of a much bigger collectivism, with the un-changeable sharia law system (criticism or attempts to change it are punishable by death), oppression of women (eg forced marriage, honour killings, having only a fraction the value of a male in sharia law...), inability to borrow money (just watch industry disappear even faster)and aiming for a world caliphate.

Spain, with a population of around 50 Million, translates more books into Spanish each and every year, than the entire Arab world has translated into Arabic in the last 1,000 years.

I'm not saying don't forge alliances with individuals, and I am not criticizing individual moslems.

What I am saying is, learn about islam, it has more in common with the socialist collectivisms (including mass graves- Hindu Kush means slaughter of Hindus), than it has with present day Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism...

Mike was able to leave communism, a moslem faces death from his family and friends if he tries to leave.

bitter clinging Texan said...

Wow, guys, Im glad that I was able to get a bit of discussion started.
I live in arlington, Texas, which has large groups of Pakistani, Indian and Albanian immigrants and their descendents. While most are nominally "muslim", at least the ones I've worked with, known and hung out with aren't of the hardcore jihadi literalist-fundamentalist variety. I even know a couple who drink. One of my best shooting and gun show buddies is a muslim from pakistan. Just like in Christianity, you got baptist fundamentalist young earth creationists and you got groups like the unitarians etc, same would logically go for Islam.
The ones that I would suspect are hostile to us are more likely the homegrown converts, many whom are very militant, and converted in prison

Chaplain Tim said...

Yep, training exercise canceled. Even made a mention on Fox News. Canceled due to "threats", with the major one being, "if you hold this exercise, it will happen for real".
Living within driving distance of Treynor,IA, I was looking forward to "observing" this exercise so I could report on it. Iowa is now a "shall issue" state, and I carry. Could have made for some interesting reporting, but they chickened out.
So much wrong with the whole scenario that it makes my head hurt. There are no large "white supremicist" groups in the area. The school they chose as a target has about 1% minority enrollment out of 700 students. Having family in the area, I can assure you that "bucolic" is the best word to describe the town of Treynor. Just buried an uncle there last month, so my intel is current.

Same thing happened a year or two ago when the National Guard wanted to train near Denison, IA. Called off due to protests about the training on house-to-house searches for a "gun-runner" in the area.
Question for the team- why are they picking Iowa for this crap? I know we're flyover country, but we have a history of resisting federal malfeasance when it gets personal. Google "lynching federal judges" for examples.


Pete said...

I seem to recall multiple instances of "fight alongside" mulims in Afganistand and Ft Hood murdering the American troops they were "fighting alongside." I, personally, would not take the chance.