Friday, March 25, 2011

OK, all you future resistance gun smugglers take note: Trying to ship everything at once usually leads to catastrophic failure.

WWII machine gun found in Lithuanian mail.

Guys and gals, the weight of an unloaded MG-42 is 11.57 kg or 25.51 lb. The package weighed 20 kilograms or 44 pounds. Let's allow for a couple of pounds or so for the cardboard box stout enough to hold it and packing to keep it quiet. (Clanking when handled is what we old smugglers call a "clue".)

The difference in weight after that is ammo. The greedy part was expecting that an under-worked postal employee wouldn't notice when he had to tote something with all that weight in it and wouldn't get curious about it.

C'mon on. You if can't break the weapon and ammo down into several shipments that won't strain the back or the curiosity of a postal service employee you don't deserve to get it through to the other end.


Stupid is as stupid does.


Anonymous said...


Now some green windpower project will be missing vital spare parts ;-(

Now I'm of to load the dishwasher while my beautiful significant other is out of the house.

Sean said...

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Anonymous said...

Break it down and ship it with car parts for a Yugo to a box in Mexico. Then go pick it up and load on a bass boat and bring it in to the good old usa. Aahhh..

That is what I would do if, I wanted to smuggle a MG-42 into the country.

Then again you could buy a semi-MG-42 and put a Hellfire trigger on it and you would have a legal controllable belt feed baby.

The second idea is legal in most states and works.

Brock Townsend said...

In Vietnam they would break down AKs and send them back in pieces in stereo equipment.

pdxr13 said...

It's unfortunate that Oregon farmhouses are not commonly equipped with MG42's and cases of belted 8mm under the tractor parking area. It's a trade-off for not having UXO's in the grazing pasture.

A village is now missing a major defense against NWO zombies. Tragic, and it'll only make one stick of re-bar for a Chinese/UN work-camp.


ParaPacem said...

( ssshhhhhhh ! )