Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Welcome to the party, pal!" Glenn Beck's Blaze finally discovers Gunwalker with a big catch-up article. Soros' propaganda chippie spins like a top.

"Obama Denies Knowledge of Controversial Fed Operation Smuggling Guns Into Mexico." Most interesting for those of us who have been living with this story since 28 December is this bit of Newspeak from a George Soros' propaganda chippie:


Shy Wolf said...

LOL, Mike- I've spent the day peppering everything of Beck's I could find with yours and David's links. Hopefully the 8 whole research staff will see them and forget all about talking with LaPeere about it. We'll see just how much honesty Beck puts into his research and stories.

Dakota said...

Andrea needs to get her facts straight.... amazing how you can spin things ain't it? Oh well SNAFU

Shy Wolf said...

Damn, YouTeleTuby won't let me poswt a response to the vid. Figures- they must have some kind of character slueth at work sampling the replies and negating all the negative responses asking for proof.
Bummer. Color me sad.

SiGraybeard said...

Quick question: it looks to me like when you add up all the guns we know the history of, the US government is the biggest runner of guns into Mexico. BATFE ran thousands of guns across the border; who ran more? Anyone?

W W Woodward said...

Andrea Facts What?

Mike, where did these poor dumb broads come from? With any luck at all whoever is assigned to make sure to remind them to take a breath once in a while will have a memory lapse.

Contrary to what folks may believe; merging two 1/2 wits doesn't make a full wit.


Dick's Dad said...

By whatever means necessary, and the end justifies those means.

Multiple agencies involved in "Gunwalker" and the trail leading right up in the DOJ...


The NRA is being dishonest, as it is to blame for this, due to it denying the ATF funds, personnel powers and oversight... Therefoe we should all get behind Obama.

and the other agencies? The NRA spiked their funding, powers personnel and oversight too?

The NRA she spins about is a very different beast to the one we've seen.

Dick's Dad said...

The remark "Guns are Guns..." got me thinking.

Drugs cartels are criminals, making inflated profits due to prohibition.

If I draw the parallel with alcohol prohibition, the gangs flourished and formed a symbiotic relationship with corrupt politicians.

In return for political favours the gangs provided deniable retribution, a bogey man to frighten the children with and other favours.

This was most famously the case in Chicago, where politicians and gangsters both proffitted from having learned the art of using each other, and where it appears that art has been kept alive and well practised.

Where's the big 0's political home?

Re-phrasing from "Guns are guns" to "Politicians are politicians, crimminal are crimminals, they kill people..."

Thanks for the link Mike, and thanks to Ms Progress, for her thought provoking spin.

Anonymous said...

It's astonishing. Glen Beck seems to know even less about the ATF's criminal activities than President BHo.

I hope Beck makes good on his promise to ferret out the truth.


Dedicated_Dad said...

The shill's name is "NILL" -- as in "The factual content of my airheaded ramblings is... (wait for it...)


I'm VERY disappointed in RT - I expect them to be a propaganda-arm for Russia, but for _resident B.O. too??!!


If I didn't know better, I'd think _resident B.O. is a wannabe Stalin or Putin! I sure am glad THAT is not the case!

Seriously - I thought RT was a decent source for the stories american-media just won't cover... Guess I'm going to have to rethink that, now...

Bad Cyborg said...

One of the two airheads mentioned things being tense with Mexico right now. Would someone explain to me why I am supposed to be worried about that. What do I care if the banana republic on the other side of the Rio Bravo is upset at us? What are they going to do? Invade? Close their borders? Why should I give a flying frack WHAT Mexico City thinks? About ANYTHING?!?!

Bad Cyborg X

pdxr13 said...

The NRA (a voluntary membership association of not-exactly-hard-line 2A supporters) is responsible for the underfunding and lack of leadership in an Executive Branch Agency?


How 'bout them other alleged Lawr Enfercement Agencies who are cooperating with Projects Gunrunner as well as Fast & Furious? Did the NRA make them underfunded and staffed with Useful Idiots who can't remember their Oaths as well?

Good Agents: speak up! Testify before Congress and make back-up video tapes of your testimony and evidence just in case the worst happens (accidentally, of course).

If someone is going to go under the bus, it should be high-level appointees, not honest career Agents.

It does seem curious that so many Agencies are able to cooperate without the AG and the POTUS being in the loop..... Oh well.

Whoever gets into office in 2012 should appoint a Special Independent Inspector Counsel to get to the bottom of this. We need the cooperation of Mexico to stop their invasion of the lower 48 by unwanted/unemployable Mexican Citizens and OTM's (terrorists/smugglers/etc.)