Thursday, March 31, 2011

Official Coalition of Willing Lilliputians ATF Gunwalker Scandal Coffee Mugs

Gary at The American Patriot sends:

Anyone going to my Web page ( ) can click on the American Patriot Gift Shop in the Resources menu on the left side. Those not wishing to go to my pages can access the gift shop directly by going to

I do not make anything on these, but I'm darn sure going to get some to give to CBS and other folks.


Anonymous said...

Now that is just plain cool.

Not everyone gets to instigate an international incident and get their own line of coffee mugs.


That's just cool.


Bad Cyborg said...

Slight correction on the Cafe Press direct link URL (the period at the end is messing my browser up so I suspect it may be doing it to others')

You're welcome to just edit the main entry, Dutchman. Won't hurt my feelings.

gandalf23 said... does not work. I get " No Matching Results Found

Try selecting another topic or product. Or you can try searching different keywords."

It looks like the address has to be in order to work.