Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Official Correspondence on the Project Gunwalker Scandal.

Senator Charles Grassley

It struck me this morning while I was searching for one of these letters below that a post containing all of them, properly updated and linked on the sidebar, would be a useful tool. So here it is.

27 January: Grassley to Kenneth Melson.

31 January: Grassley to Melson.

4 February: Ronald Weich to Grassley.

9 February: Grassley to Eric Holder.

16 February: Grassley to Holder.

3 March: Grassley to Eric Holder & Kenneth Melson.

4 March: Grassley to Kenneth Melson.

4 March: Grassley to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

4 March: Grassley to Alan D. Bersin.

8 March: Grassley to Kevin L. Perkins.

8 March: Ronald Weich to Grassley.

9 March: Lamar Smith and House Judiciary Committee members to Eric Holder.

16 March: Grassley to Alan D. Bersin.

16 March: Darrell Issa to Kenneth Melson.

28 March: Grassley to Kenneth Melson.

29 March: Darrell Issa to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

1 April: Press Release, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform -- "Chairman Issa Subpoenas ATF for ‘Project Gunrunner’ Documents."

1 April: Elijah Cummings to Darrell Issa.

1 April: House Oversight Committee Subpoena to Melson.

8 April: Grassley to Melson.

13 April: Grassley to Holder.

13 April: Weich to Issa.

14 April: Grassley Press Release on Letter to Holder.

20 April: Issa to Melson Contempt Letter.

2 May: Weich to Grassley.

3 May: Issa & Grassley to Holder.


James said...

16 letters yet only two are to congressmen. i find this to be utterly disgusting..
apparently the ATF under the jurisdiction of the DOJ and Holder DO have something to hide.

The question is What

aughtsix said...




ConcernedAmerican said...

So the operation that provided a large number of weapons that were used to commit crimes including the murder of a border agent appears to have been conducted by the ATF, permissioned by the DOJ and possibly involved Secretary of State Clinton. The DOJ actions were authorized by Assistant Attorneys acting under the authority of Attorney General Eric Holder. Where does the buck stop? All the way to the top? The President? This cavalier operation and the crimes and deaths it enabled are in the process of being attributed to those responsible and the names of top administration officials, Holder and Clinton are involved at this point. There is not going to be a hush up concealing the chain of command and the revelation of exactly whose authority was involved. Many thanks to Chuck Grassley and Darryl Issa! Run this to ground and let the American people know. Make government officials who use poor judgement accountable for their actions. This is what Americans deserve.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike,

Have the rest of us done our part?

I've finally sent a note to Grassley - should have been earlier. They are holding hearings - let us let them know we're watching.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, somewhere along in your busy day could we get an update on this link to official correspondence?