Sunday, February 1, 2009

LUTHAs: "Take their guns away President Obama! Then we can kick some rears."

It has been a joy this weekend to have my son visting. I'll see him for perhaps one more time after this before he redeploys back to join his beautiful wife and precocious son in Germany. After that, only God knows when I will see him again.

We were chatting yesterday about our clueless opponents and he asked a very good question: "Why can't they just leave us the Hell alone? We're not trying to take anything from them. It's not like were trying to seize vibrators from liberal lesbians or whatever. Why can't they just leave us the Hell alone?"

I recalled this conversation late last night when I was doing some searching for Absolved material and came up with these comments from just after the election:

Barack will remove the guns from the bible thumpers and make the world safer. Hunters and rednecks, two of a kind. Take their guns away President Obama! Then we can kick some rears.
Olivia Frink, NC (Sent Thursday, November 06, 2008 7:58 PM)

Goodbye Cabella's, Gander Mountain, NRA, Bass World and all those redneck republican icons. Our new president will put an end to this hillbilly tradition that has scarred this country and left so many dead americans. The Hunter's last season is at hand. Hip Hip Hooray!
Warren Evans, Detroit, MI (Sent Thursday, November 06, 2008 8:12 PM)

Do ALL gun crazies just have little peepees, or does it just seem that way? They certainly have little brains.
JCR, Cedar Falls IA (Sent Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:35 PM)

"Take their guns away President Obama! Then we can kick some rears."

You can find sentiments like these, some more elegantly phrased to be sure, all over the Net. I didn't work hard to find these, just stumbled across them really.

I'm not sure how we get this "leave me alone" warning across to some people. The posters above seem totally out of touch with reality as I understand it. The critical space is the few cubic inches of grey matter between our enemies' ears. The leaders, that is. You know, the ones who'll take the decisions to send armed public employees (read "killer Nazi zombies") to our doors.

There are more folks to this LUTHA coalition than just gun owners. Libertarians of all stripes, home schoolers, Christians, you name it. It has always been more about liberty than firearms, it is just that it is the armed citizenry that stands most in the way of tyranny in the country, ergo, "Take their guns away President Obama! Then we can kick some rears."

All of my recent writing has been geared to getting this idea across. So far, it is to no avail. Perhaps we just need to hire this guy as a marketing director:

At least he is on the same intellectual level as the poster above, but with a more direct message:

Or, as someone once said, "If you try to take our firearms, we will kill you."


Anonymous said...

Kick some rears? Really?

LOL that really got me laughing, I mean laughing even harder than when I heard the ancient Zhou Dynasty joke about the emperor and the unicorn hunt.

Think twice before sending any armed thugs to innocent peoples' homes. I can't gaurantee that the thugs will return with their weapons, or if they return at all. Check out the chapter called "Dead Man's Holler" and realize just how fast an M-4 or MP-5 can change hands in a matter of seconds.

AlanDP said...

I used to have a bunch of loose-leaf stuff written by a guy named Neal Wilgus. I don't think it was ever bound into a book form. He talked about this concept, which he called "yadyam." It's "mayday" spelled backwards, and means "we're not in trouble and we don't need your help."

drjim said...

Pardon my ignorance, but "LUTHA"? All I can find on this acronymn is that it's new slang for 'gangsta'.
Please enlighten me....

Anonymous said...

L.U.T.H.A. = Leave Us The Hell Alone

Anonymous said...

LUTHA: Leave Us The Hell Alone.

you could add on OWWKY

drjim said...

Thanks for the clue!

Anonymous said...

"There are more folks to this LUTHA coalition than just gun owners. Libertarians of all stripes, home schoolers, Christians, you name it. It has always been more about liberty than firearms .."

That's right Mike - but you will need to have all of those other people on your side when the time comes - and that is why you should post on your site information that three percenters can spread around even to those they know who are not as hard-core on guns, so they can be woken up and radicalized on the big picture.

Gun confiscation may be the spark, but it will not be sufficient fuel to drive a successful revolution. you need a broad base of support.

The coming economic crisis, and the way the bankers are openly using taxpayers for their own benefit is the single broadest issue and it ties in with everything else that is happening.

Here are a couple of good youtube videos to use for that purpose:

Here is Gerald Celente's prediction of coming tax revolts, riots, and then a revolution brought on by the economic squeeze of "the little people":

And here is another one:

(in that one, pay close attention to the concept of there being a "window" where things will be in flux, both for the bad guys and for us).

Anonymous said...

These posters are assuming that Obama CAN take away our guns. Da Guv hasn't historically had much luck with prohibitions.

“You believed until now that tyrants exist? Well! You were wrong, there are only slaves: where no one obeys, no one can command.” Anselme Bellegarrigue

Doubtful many will obey, therefore the would-be tyrants will be castrated.

Anonymous said...

Asking, "Why don't the politicians I voted for respect my rights and liberty?" is like putting a fox in charge of your henhouse, and asking, "Why doesn't the fox leave my chickens alone?"

Anonymous said...

LUTHA? can't find that in an
acronum search. TIA.

Anonymous said...

any Mumbai "incidents" will be
instant coalition builders.
instant focus on the III issue.
all the best, cycjec

Anonymous said...

I wish your son good fortune. As we too are a military family we understand the sacrifices our children make to serve liberty. It is a shame that our populace betray that sacrifice every day.

As for Olivia, OK, come, do it. But don't be surprised if I am not as helpless as you will need me to be. chickenshit bitch!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that goes for the sorry examples the men in your life have set for you. Chickenshit pricks!

Anonymous said...

Know the face of our enemy and REMEMBER IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For the record.

LUTHA means


A friend told me yesterday, I should have made it "D-MUTHA."

Which, in his parlance was (inspired no doubt by Cheyenne's note to me (see "One Hundred Heads"):


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that if the government is actually going to attempt this, they will need to equip the police (or whatever) as they would a platoon of Marines. It will take that much......

And the government agents will need to bring a lunch because I am sure it will take longer than they think....

JC Bystrom

Anonymous said...

For all those who wish to seize privately owned property (guns), how much of the Constitution do you want to shred to enable this? Once you take away that right, you will not be able to keep the rest. If guns can be seized, what other private property may be taken away in the cause of "safety"?

Who will you send to take them? Obviously, they will have to be armed, because many of us will shoot back, if not shoot first. Most of those you give the orders to own guns as well, and will not follow your orders. They may well turn on you instead. I am one such.

Will you take them yourselves? No, you will take the cowards way, and send others into danger after filling their heads with lies and promises. What will you do after the lies are exposed and your promises shown to be nothing but ash and wind?

Molon Labe.


me said...

Ah, those tolerant "liberals". Happy to coexist with folks who kill gays in the name of their "religion of peace" and the Chinese but God help you if you don't share their views.

I simply can NOT comprehend the levels of mental illness they have. The only thing I can even remotely connect it to is the folks that carve themselves up and amputate limbs. In the end that's what they're doing, they're killing themselves by removing the only people that can, as a byproduct of saving themselves, save them.

Even worse is they've managed seize control of the only group that would have the weight behind their diagnosis to get these people help.

God help them when they get what they want.

me said...

Make that

God have mercy on them when they get what they want.

They've already decided on who their master will be, and should they manage to push things to that point I will have no mercy on any of them.

Anonymous said...

Obama better send his minions in with lots of bodybags if he thinks he can confiscate our guns. My line is already drawn in the sand..............

Anonymous said...

How quickly we forget what happens to a disarmed country? Germany. Italy, France? Crime rates in "gun controlled" areas and countrys. Why do you thinkpeople of the U. K. are screaming to get their guns back? Disarm the public at large and take away the countrys method of protecting itself and keeping it safe from invasion...