Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Crisis of POLITICAL Economy

This has got to be the most crystal clear analysis of the crisis we find ourselves in today that I have seen. Note that it was written back in October. It tracks with the book I am now reading on the Whiskey Rebellion.

Will someone remember this essay after the Restoration? And if another Alexander Hamilton raises his ugly head, and I'm not there to do it myself, shoot him in the balls for me.

H/T to Pete at WRSA for drawing my attention to it.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes, Aaron Burr really is an unsung hero - who knows how much additional grief he spared this nation by taking out that rascal.

And he was the SITTING VICE PRESIDENT in the Jefferson Administration at the time of their duel!

Tom Austin said...

Even more pertinent to 3%ers: The Whole World is Rioting About the Economic Crisis--Why Aren't We? It explains a lot about why the prag mentality is so prevalent.

Mark Ames, author of Going Postal: Rage, Murder, and Rebellion -- From Reagan's Workplaces to Clinton's Columbine and Beyond , argues that Americans have been beaten down to a degree that they're now a pacified population, largely willing to accept any economic outrage its elites impose on them.

I don't think that all of us are that beaten -down, but the argument is valuable.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly the best I've ever read to explain and clarify exactly why we are in the economic mess we are nationally and internationally. It is an inherently corrupt system and the corrupt are going crazy with greed and avarice.
God help us get our country back!

Anonymous said...

You're right, that is a crystal clear analysis of the crisis we find ourselves in today.

But since you understand that, why do you seek the "Restoration" of a previous flavor of government, when the analysis clearly shows there was never was anything worthwhile to restore? Why aren't you pursuing a "Liberation" instead?

Anonymous said...

Anon- Hamilton IS that unsung hero you speak of. The disrespect for Hamilton among the III crowd is an outright embarassment for a group of people who claim to respect the Constitution and this nation's founders. The level of ignorance of what Hamilton did for this country is stagerring.

Had we lived under the naive Jeffersonian utopia without a Hamiltonian check, we'd be back under Europe's thumb.

Make no mistake about it; I'm more a Jefferson man than a Hamilton man but the Jeffersonian idolotry shows a lack of understanding the principles of a true republic.

I also recommend you look again at Burr before calling him a "hero". Burr was hated by Jefferson and ran "with" him simply because he was a campaigner at a time when campaigning was considered ungentlemanly. He also ran "with" him up until they tied during the election at which time his blind ambition and lack of loyalty showed their true colors.

Burr also spearheaded an effort to enrich himself by getting congress to sponsor a bank under the guise of it being a public works idea to help provide clean water.

Then let us not forget his adventures as a fugitive and plots to attack the country.

Burr was about on par with Nancy Pelosi. He was an ambitious power seeker with no loyalty to the republic.

I think we really need to hash this thing out as it has already gotten well out of hand.

Anonymous said...

What might the title of the book about the Whisky Rebellion you're reading be?

Personally, I'm mostly through "The Battle Cry of Freedom", and the parallels I'm seeing between then and now are striking.

Anonymous said...

John Paulding,


or and type in "Hamilton"

Anonymous said...

The Whisky Rebellion by William Hogeland, Scribner, 2006.