Tuesday, February 3, 2009

12 Inch Siege Howitzer Used in Canadian School Shooting: It Must Be True, He's an "Expert!"

"Expert Opinions Are Like Anal Sphincters -- Everyone's Got One and Most are Full of Excrement." -- Anonymous.

Courtesy of SayUncle we have a link to this magnificent expert opinion of one Joseph Lieberman (no, not the Senator) who has written this:

Interviewed here by the notoriously anti-firearm rights Scott Vogel, Communications Director for the Freedom States Alliance, Lieberman gives us this:

This century there has been an increase in the number of non-white school shooters, such as Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. Before him there was Kimveer Gill, for example, in Montreal who was from Indian heritage. On Sept. 13th, 2006, he shot 20 students, killing one young woman at Montreal’s Dawson College, using a 9-mm semi-automatic rifle, a .45-caliber pistol and a 12-caliber gun that can pump four bullets with each squeeze of the trigger. Kimveer was obsessed about using firearms to make up for his shortcomings, writing, “I love guns… I really do. The great equalizer.”

Now, military historians and informed gunnies know that one caliber equals one inch, hence Mr. Lieberman would have us believe that the shooter used one of these:
12" Siege Howitzer of Great War Vintage

Now, I gotta admit, THAT'S an "equalizer." But how did he get it past the metal detectors and security guards? Who knows? It must be true. Lieberman is an EXPERT. (Insert media swooning here.)


Anonymous said...

My experience was with naval guns where 1 caliber was equal to the diameter of the bore. Thus a 5-inch 50 caliber gun had a barrel length of 250 inches or nearly 21 feet. Field artillery may be different but I'd be surprised if it were that different.

Small arms are different though. A .30 caliber rifle has a bore diameter of .3 (nominally) inches and the venerable .45 was threw a projectile that was indeed .45 inches in diameter.

ParaPacem said...

Why didn't the detecors set it off? As the federal airport folks were fond of sayin years ago - it's a GLOCK weapon made of all plastic, s it doesn't register on x-ray or with metal detectors. I learned that when the Clintonista was in power!

Unknown said...

I know where that twelve-calibre factoid came from. A day or so after the Dawson College shooting, La Presse, a Montreal French-language newspaper, described, on its front page, the shooter's Norinco-made 4-shot 14" 870-pattern shotgun, which he abandoned outside the scene, as ''...un puissant fusil de calibre 12 capable de decharger quatre cartouches d'un seul coup de pompe''. This translates as "a powerful 12-caliber rifle capable of firing four shots with a single pump stroke".

Clearly, the original journalist had no clue as to how a pump action shotgun actually works, and Mr. Liberman (obviously ignorant on firearms-related matters himself) probably just cherry-picked the most sensational-sounding description of the shooter's armament he could.

Anonymous said...

WOW! "four shots with a single pump stroke" That reminds me of a girl I once knew ... she was pretty handy. ;)

What an idiot! Glad he didn't know a shotgun is capable of actually firing multiple projectiles with each shot, since then it would be however many pellets it actually shoots, TIMES FOUR! for a total number of 36 SHOTS(or whatever) per squeeze or per pump. Like a MIRV warhead.

Hoplophobes are hopeless.

Too bad it won't be the actual hoplophobes who come for our guns. That would be a riot!

Instead, it will be sell out, treasonous, oath violating gunmen like Lon Horiuchi.