Monday, February 9, 2009

"Hey, man, you got any bullets?"

I almost hate to do this, because it sounds so silly, but does anybody have a line on pulled US military 5.56 NATO 55 Grain bullets? I've got a reloading project waiting for the projectiles -- a Dillon 1050 and about 20,000 pieces of brass, most of the powder and primers, but no bullets. (Its an ammo co-op, sort of. The proceeds will be split among the reloaders.)

Obviously the reason I'm looking for pulled military bullets is I'm trying to save money, but if they are unavailable, can anybody tell me the cheapest source for commercial bullets?

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Bill St. Clair said...

It was quite an eye opener looking for commercial .223 bullets. Almost everybody is out. The only place I found that actually has them is Cabella's. $41.99/500 for Remington or $89.99/1000 for Winchester.

Links to sold-out bullet pages:

Midway: $69.99/1000 for Armscor

Widener's: $345/5000 for "Mil Spec", shipped.

Natchez: $8.37/100 for Winchester

All prices above are for .224 diameter, 55 grain, FMJBT (Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail)

Anonymous said...

Mike, check out
They may have some in stock

Chaplain Tim said...

Hey Mike,
I'm trying to find the contact info for a company out of St. Louis that had 62gr. pulled bullets- I stocked up a few years ago- but in the meantime for 55gr. bullets, try;
$7.95 per bag of 200 or $105.95 per 1000, listed as in stock.


Anonymous said...


62g fmj 89.91 / 1000 shipping included.

Webservant said...

just had my woman get me 800 of these little babies: Sportsmans Guide if you order 4-200 and forgo the ammo-can you can save a few dollars

Anonymous said...


I made a quick search over at GunBroker, and here are six auctions for 55gr .223:

One of them is for commercial bullets, the rest are milsurp. From personal experience, a polite note to the Seller will sometimes reveal more than the listed amount. I made a killing on LC 7.62 cases that way.

Anonymous said...

Check out Cabelas. They are the only source I know of so far that still got plenty of these babies stocked. Also received their latest catalog, not much price increase, still plentiful.

Cabelas gives some of the best customer service. I recommend them to anyone!

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight, RVOW is out of business, has been for quite some time, despite the fact that their website is still up and running.

You might also try searching in the "Reloading Components" section of Shotgun News, there are always a few folks advertising demilled components.

Anonymous said...

Corbin has a die set for turning fired .22 rimfire cases into jackets for .223 bullets, then swaging your own bullets.

Anonymous said...

Midsouth had 2,000 bulk pack 55gr softpoints for about $150 when I checked there.
I looked into the setup for swaging .22 cal jacketed bullets from .22 rimfire cases a while back and while it does work the dies alone will set you back upwards of a grand. Might be worth it for what you're talking, but not a trivial enterprise to get into.
And keep in mind it takes a lot of empty .22 cases, lead wire, and a whole bunch of time to crank them out.