Monday, February 9, 2009

The Inescapable Logic of Gun Control: Ya Gotta Be Really Bright To Think Up Crap Like This.

OK, let's follow the logic here. You're a gun grabber and you know you can't ban all weapons at once. Oh, no, much too big of a bite. Elmer Fudd might be upset, and he votes Democrat. So your announced priority is to ban semi-automatic rifles of military utility, like the AR-15/M-4 clones and the evil AK-47 copies. These are weapons with large magazines, yes, but also relatively low-powered cartridges.

Now, you pass a law to ban these weapons in the expectation that people will turn them in. So, OK, let's say, for the purposes of argument, they defy expectation and turn in their evil "assault weapons" without violence.

You're happy, the ATF is happy (they've wanted them banned for civilians since Waco -- its in their after-action report), and all God's socialist children are happy except the gunowners who just turned them in. They are, in a word, pissed.

You've got their firearms, but not ALL of their firearms. What have you left these millions of pissed off people? Why bolt-action hunting rifles, of course. Accurate, scope-sighted, high-power, long-range hunting rifles. They meet the Nazi "sporting purpose" test, so you've left them alone this time.

But here's the deal. Now, you're a gun-banner or a politician who trucks with them, and you're feeling mighty pleased with yourself. At least those rednecks can't shoot at you with their evil medium-powered cartridge weapons. No, they can't. But they CAN shoot at you, and penetrate limousine glass and body armor at great distance with their high-power bolt-action "sporting rifles." All you just did, if they decide they're pissed off enough to do it, is make them concentrate on mastering the one weapon that CAN reach out and touch YOU.

The "sporting weapon" bullet that comes through your tenth-floor office glass like it's butter, collapses your head and splatters your brains all over the exquisite carpet would never have reached you if fired from an "evil assault weapon."

Pretty ironic, huh?

So, I guess you'd better ban them all. No, wait, that's too many people at once. They'll never go for it. It'll screw up your "divide and conquer" plan.


So what was it you had in mind originally?

Not very bright, are you Brady Buncher?


chris horton said...

"collapses your head and splatters your brains all over"

Great Line!! I really like it!! My pick for quote of the week!! Thanks!!


drjim said...

I never thought I'd ever have a real need for something chambered in .308 Winchester, but I think now I'm going to *have* to buy one "Just In Case I Need It".

tom said...

My collection of Lapuas and Lotts and even old war relics from decades and centuries ago concur.

Anonymous said...

Anyone shooting a .30 caliber weapon (esp. a boltie) could do lots worse than reloading the Sierra Match King 175 grain bullet. It is the bullet used by the military to make .308s 1,000 yard guns (the 168 grainers run out of gas, which is to say start to fall below the speed of sound, which detracts from accuracy) at around 700 yards.

Other companies make good bullets of similar weight and ballistic coefficient as the 175 SMK.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE "collapses your head and splatters your brains all over your exquisite carpet" QUOTE

Quote of the week vote from me too! Actually, QUOTE OF ALL TIME!

closed said...

I guess no one 'splained to them that a $75 Mosin-Nagant can easily hit a human sized target at that range ... without a scope.

And that steel-cored surplus ammo for it is flooding in at pennies per round ...

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Marines in Belleau Wood making 800 yard kills with irons.

Anonymous said...

no Texas shooter. Fudds overlook their next step we never have.

wv=tarinabl= tar enable? As in tar and feather the stinkin' bastards!

Dakota said...

Well you know they'll never be happy with that. Have you not been following all the hunting shows on the "boob tube". The word is "Black Powder", baby it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They make scopes, and all the bells and whistles to go with it. Long range shooting is now childs play with this wonderful new technology.
All that is left is for the gun grabbers to start their know the drill.... "now why would you have to have a sniper rifle that can kill up to 6 people without reloading at unheard of ranges". Maybe then they will be happy when we are relagated to black powder. The good news is that we will no longer have to bother throwing those NRA flyers in the garbage anymore.

tom said...

Black Powder, even modern substitutes/act alikes, is lousy for sniping.

Accuracy isn't a problem and never has been. The smoke and flash give away your position.