Monday, February 2, 2009

Praxis: Another Bandoleer Idea -- "The Battleer"

From "Michigan Tactical Supply" we have the "Battleer."

3 Pack Black 5.56 / .223 Cal Battleer $29.95

The battleer came about from a group of shooters that were tired of dealing with the original Vietnam era cloth bandoleers. The cloth bandoleers are sloppy, cheaply made and are not strong enough for repeated use. The strap was non-adjustable and came with a safety clothes pin to help with adjustments. The cotton material would rip or snag. It didn’t help that they were over 30 years old as leftovers from the war. We envisioned a bandoleer that was made of tough nylon and had an adjustable strap. We wanted secure pockets to store ammo and magazines. We wanted a smaller zipper pocket that would hold the loading spoons, stripper clips and small tools securely. We took our idea to a sewing facility and the Battleer was born. The battler is made of 1000 denier Cordura. It has reinforced stitching and all black metal hardware.

The adjustable strap is made of super strong nylon scuba webbing and it has metal clips on the ends for easy removal. It has extra “D” rings to allow for more lashing points. The Battleer will securely hold (7) seven (20) twenty round .223 magazines. It will hold the older straight (20) twenty round magazines and the newer curved (20) twenty round magazines. It will hold 20 round boxes of ammo. It will hold 140 rounds of ammo on the 10 round stripper clips inside the cardboard sleeves. The one inch wide Velcro holds the magazines in place. There is no chance of one falling out. It is only 30 inches long and 5 ½ inches tall. That makes it only 3 ½ inches longer than the original Vietnam Bandoleer.

They also have a version in 7.62 NATO, the "Black .308 Cal Battleer" for $19.95.

THE .308 BATTLEER ! The .308 Battleer is the next product introduced by Michigan Tactical Supply. Like the .223 version this is made of tough 1000 denier nylon cordura. It has 5 velcro pockets to hold 20 rd magazines and 1 heavy duty zippered pocket that is large enough to hold a sixth magazine , stripper clips , small sight tools , or equipment. It has all black metal hardware with 1.5 inch wide heavy duty scuba webbing for a adjustable shoulder strap. It has a “D” ring sewn into the center to allow the Bandoleer to be folded in half and be carried as a side shoulder pouch. It Measures 28 inches long and 6.5 inches tall. Will Fit HK91, M-14, and FAL 20 round mags. Colors available are Black and Digital Camo

MBV Comments: I don't much care for black as a color for uniforms or accoutrements. Black is the color worn by our probable enemies. Also, in a bandoleer that doesn't have to have an adaptable flap for accomodating different size magazines, some silent method of securing them such as fas-tex buckles is preferable to velcro. These are a bit pricey for a storage bandoleer, but the fellow who forwarded me this tip is impressed with their quality.


Anonymous said...

You've mentioned the issue bandoleers that come in the can several times before and until now it never really occurred to me that anyone would actually use them as bandoleers. They were always just those things you pull the stripper clips out of.

Anonymous said...

1) You *will* end up carrying black kit if this all goes down. Would you really reject a set of, say, body armor because the webbing is black tacticool?

2) For another $5 you can get from Numrich a repro WW2 German Paratrooper (you didn't think I was going to try 'fallsquirmmajor', didja?) bandolier, which holds 100 rounds in strippers and drapes around your neck. You know, if the money was burning a hole in your pocket...

Try this:

$6/ea, although, I wrote to the owner and asked about a discount for multiple purchases, and he is letting me have these for $4 apiece for ten or more. I have 28 of them so far. :)

They take dye very well. I have mine dyed in different colors to differentiate the different claibers I have.

Anonymous said...

Black kit is useful for "tactical deception", and that's all I'm going to say...

Anonymous said...

If you're stuck with black (which, if you have a lot, will stick out in both wooded and urban environments, try the following:

1. Go get a couple cans of Rustoleum for Plastic, in Olive and Earth Brown.

2. Break up the outline of the black item by spray painting it.

3. Let dry.

4. Employ.

It works, folks. Black fingerless gloves, pouches, LBV, drag bags, etc. All of which can be toned down to blend in well. The only thing you can't fix without modification is velcro.

Just my .02