Saturday, February 7, 2009

"There is no 'off switch' for the Nanny State"


My best friend/unofficial brother directed me to a thoughtful blog by a young Army Infantry officer who is currently stationed in Washington state. He relates a sad story about what happened to one of his soldiers when caught up in the snare of the "Nanny state." It is, some would say, off topic for this blog. I don't think so. It is a cautionary tale, and we should pay attention to that. But it is also a measure of how invasive and out-of-control the collectivists have become. To use River Tam's phrase, "They meddle," and they never cease meddling. One aspect of the Restoration, e'er we see it, will be a restoration of common sense in the judiciary.


03 February 2009

When an "I'm Sorry" doesn't cut it.

Imagine a young couple, married for close to five years get in an argument. The argument gets hot enough that the husband tries to leave, take the dog for a walk and blow off some steam. His wife tries to stop him and he pushes her out of his way.

This isn't healthy behavior, but it is all pretty "normal" for a young couple. What is abnormal is that she got so angry that she called 911. This is where our story takes a turn and starts involving me.

The State of Washington has some of the harshest Domestic Violence laws and procedures in the union. This couple found out by experience that when a woman calls 911 because her husband pushed her, he's very likely going to jail. The policy is that if 911 is called for domestic violence then SOMEONE is going to jail, and most of the time that is the male.

When I visited her last night she didn't want anything bad to happen to her husband, she didn't want him to lose his 2nd Ammendment rights, didn't want him to lose his career. The only problem with that is it is all out of her hands now. She cried again when I explained that her husband had a "No Contact" order for more than a month. He can't go home, play with his dogs, or even see her.

This is not the outcome that she wanted, but this is the outcome that happens in the State of Washington. She misses him so much that she is sleeping on the couch wrapped up in his poncho liner. He would never hit her, never abuse her, never demean her, and she knows that. What she wants now is for all this to go away so she can have her husband back. But she can't have her husband back because the court ordered him and his Chain of Command ordered him to stay away.

Womens rights have come a long way, but that doesn't mean that flexing those rights is going to get you what you want. In this state is isn't uncommon for a Judge to rule on what THE JUDGE thinks is in the best interest of the woman no matter what SHE WANTS. Dysfunctional relationships have put women in abusive positions for so long that our legal system has no problem stepping in and telling women that "you may think you want to drop charges, but we are going to press charges on your behalf because it is really in your best interest". Tell me where the "women's rights" are in that?

If you ever want to be grateful for the life you live, spend a day sitting in Family Court in your county. The way people treat each other, the terrible things they do to each other, all to hurt each other using the law as a weapon. It breaks my heart. In this case she didn't mean to unleash an unstoppable machine down on her husband, but there is no "off switch" for the Nanny State.


SamenoKami said...

Rule #17 - Unless you WANT a crappy outcome, never get the gov't involved until there is absolutely no other way out of it.

I had basically the same thing happen to friends of mine. Married 15yrs, got in an argument, called 911, and there's no backing out. The gov't will destroy the man, wife and three kids for no good reason.

CCK said...

Thanks for the Ms. Tam quote Mike!

Anonymous said...

Yes, underneath this rough-hewn exterior lurks a Browncoat at heart. A fan even sent me a Serenity patch which I posted on my computer front. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Want to hear another more crappy outcome? THIS IS A TRUE STORY. Think twice before you argue with a manager in a store or anywhere. They might call the police, and the result will have you charged with harassment, aggravated assault. And once you are booked, they will order a psychiatric evaluation to be performed on you. Due to the fact that you were "verbally aggressive", as they claimed your behavior was in Store X, you will be deemed psychotic, and placed on forced psychiatric drug therapy. You will be put in a padded cell, with mandatory IV of drug after drug. By the time this is over, you are already half-dead, requiring a wheelchair to get around, and likely not even fit enough to stand trial. In between, if you protest even slightly against your forced medications, you will be further put in a restraining room, where you will languish in your own urine and feces, and the temperature is likely to be either freezing or boiling due to the fact that the "AC is broken." Most likely you will not survive your isolation chamber confinement. By the time the "nurse" realizes something is wrong with, you will be already DEAD. The coroner's report will list "heart failure" as the cause of death. Your parents or relatives will then get a letter from the "authorities" saying they are very sorry. After that, your family can sue, and get some money from the case. Soon, it will all be forgotten. The thugs who committed your murder will get away with it and live to commit something very similar in the future.

There you go. All from just "having a few words" with someone, and the "state" will put you to death. This was a true story regarding a teenage boy from Michigan. All he did was argue with a store manager. Two weeks later, he was dead, tortured for 14 hours and chained to the floor in his own urine and feces.

Dakota said...

Yes, unfortunately we should live in fear of awakening the "giant pain in the ass" if you dare show any individualism you are in contempt of the socialist "coombyah" system. All non achievers will be dragged off to the nut farm or the gulag. (Did I just wake up in Soviet union 1978) We have much work to do after we win!

Unknown said...

This week, various state legislatures introduced bills intended to revive one of the most important gifts left to us by our forefathers…state sovereignty.

No, you won’t hear about this on CNBC or Fox News. In fact, we just got word of it a few hours ago. All the way from Hawaii to New Hampshire…Georgia and California, nine states have so far introduced bills that would reaffirm state sovereignty as laid out in the ninth and tenth amendments to the constitution.

Now – like I said – we just heard about this news ourselves. And we haven’t had enough time to really decide what it all means…but there is some strong wording in a few of these bills, to say the very least…

This from Arizona’s bill, “…if the President or any other federal entity attempts to institute martial law or its equivalent without an official declaration in one or more of the states without the consent of that state … individual members of the military return to their respective states and report to the Governor until a new President is elected…” [emphasis added]

We’ll stay on top of this one and update you next week.

As for the rest of the week in sovereignty, take a look at Bob’s special comment from Thursday, “The Audacity of Nope,” where Bob gives you the kind of expert retrospective on Obama’s first two weeks in office that you could only get from a former Congressman.


jon said...

hurting each other using the law as a weapon: the sine qua non of democracy.

only, it's not really "the law," it's "the government." man's law. unnatural law. illegitimate law, which encroaches upon the sermon on the mount simply by its existence.

it will not be tolerated forever.