Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"No Way Out But Through."

"Do you really think that in such a world, burying or otherwise caching your guns is the morally correct answer? Do you really think that it is the tactically prudent answer?"


My good friend Pete at Western Rifle Shooters Association here has an important post this morning. It is so important I'm not going to trust you lazy guys (yes, you know who you are) to click on the link. Here it is, in its entirety. Think it through, and ACT.


"Use 'Em, or Lose 'Em."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mandatory Registration: Be Realistic In Your Thinking

Rawles' Survivalblog on Monday had an essay on steps to mitigate the possible problem of mandatory firearms registration imposed by the Hopey-Changey crowd now settling into the halls of power in Washington.

I have almost-limitless respect for what Mr. Rawles has done over the past fifteen years to awaken and prepare Americans for the very things we are living through today.

But on this particular point, I'd suggest a bit more thinking.

If the Obamanation foolishly chooses to enact mandatory Federal registration requirements, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans -- men, women, and young folks -- who will view that step as a "weapons free" command.

Many other Americans will reach the same conclusion once the first confiscation raids begin.

What? You think there won't be enforcement actions taken by the Feds and their local minions against non-compliant individuals?

Reliable sources in the past two weeks have reported that the BATFE is in the mid-to-late stages of a multi-year information gathering process based on their examination of various FFLs' business records, along with the 4473 transfer forms.

The sources, each of whom are intimately involved in the production and sale of components for various "rifles of military utility", both report extensive BATFE data collection from customer lists and other records.

Why do you think BATFE is doing that?

Why do you think one BATFE agent told one of the sources that the project was scheduled to be completed by 2010?

Why do you think Brian Puckett said "I will not register" when California enacted its AWB registration scheme in the late Nineties?

Folks, we live in a post-legal, post-political world, where tax cheats are confirmed as the nation's chief tax collectors, voter-fraud organizations receive Federal funding, and Republican party chairmen support bans on "assault weapons".

Do you really think that in such a world, burying or otherwise caching your guns is the morally correct answer?

Do you really think that it is the tactically prudent answer?

Face it: There's no way out but through.

And "through" means that someone, somewhere is going to use force once this thing gets a few steps further down the pike.

When the front doors of high-profile RKBA folks start to explode off their hinges at oh-dark-thirty, it's a wake-up call to every freedom-lover in this country.

The next steps are up to each of us.

Audentes fortuna juvat.

Fortune favors the bold.

"No Way Out But Through."


Dakota said...

An old WW2 vet once told me when I was considering burying a perfectly good weapon.

"If it is time to bury it, it is time to use it!" Nuff said

idahobob said...

I will repeat here what a wise person once said, "They do not want to take your weapons, they want to kill you".

Don't believe it, just ask the Branch Davidians.


the pistolero said...

Much wisdom in that remark, Dakota. Put another way, "if it is time to bury them, it is time to dig them up."

Anonymous said...

There's another point of view.

No one (or no one sane) says to bury ALL of your guns. But let's say that the JBTs know about all but 1 or 2 of your guns. If they show up at your door, 20 of them, in armor and with full autos and grenades, it'd be suicide to resist THEN. Any sane person would want to live another day, and would "allow" them inside (as in you'd have no choice). They will search EVERYWHERE in your house and in your yard, with metal detectors, for any "offending" items. Just because 1 item is off paper doesn't mean that they won't find it. And then, if they don't drag you away (or if you get out in a year or two from the "re-education" facility), what have you got left? Nothing.

So, if you were smart before they came, you buried an extra rifle, along with a few basic spart parts, mags (if applicable), and ammo. Only you know where it is (or maybe your spouse and/or adult kids and/or closest friends) - and now you can retrieve it and renew the fight. Without having done that, you're up the creek.

Here's another way to look at it: if all of the 3%ers hid away 1 gun somewhere off of their property, that's a couple million guns that They don't know about. Perhaps, if such activity as a policy among 3%ers was strongly hinted at, the uncertainty produced by Them not knowing where things were would make Them hesitate.

I would absolutely agree that the point at which they try to put the handcuffs on "for your own good" (i.e. registration) is the point where resistance of a more active nature should begin. However, the exact nature of such resistance is a tactical matter, to be decided upon by each person in their best judgment. Sometimes that resistance means making one's self less vulnerable, or more prepared for initial losses of equipment.

No army has ever won a war without reserves - and hidden guns are our reserves.

Johnny said...

Dakota is right, you're clinging too bitterly to your guns. This isn't really about guns. This is about the limits of government power. If you're having to bury your guns "for a rainy day" it's already too late.

Make no mistake, it's already too late for the UK, as part of the construction of the European Superstate it's pretty much already dismantled and political power is vested in the unaccountable bureaucracy of the EU. Much of the political activity in the UK is directed at making it seem to the public that isn't so.

Fedgov has been busily eating away at State, and individual rights, since it was made. You're in the end game now and "gun control" is simply the clearest indication of that.

Buried guns are neither here nor there except for political posturing - the Provisional Wing of the Irish Republican Army (PIRA) has plenty of buried guns but the point is that they're not using them and so the Irish "troubles" can be declared over. Yes, they are a threat that acts as some form of constraint - but politicians will soon forget unless there are men who actually dig them up and start using them. At least the PIRA have demonstrated that is a distinct possibility.

It seems to me that, after Waco and Ruby Ridge got a free pass, so far as the Feds can tell they will get away with it providing they control the MSM and by extension majority public opinion. Certainly at this point that looks reasonable, especially given the NRA and the Prags to look to.

CorbinKale said...

If armed men in black armor show up on my property, I will not be foolish enough to think they are there for any other purpose but to kill, or imprison me. I will act in accordance with my training and my Oath to the Constitution.

That brings up another idea. As part of your team SOP, it might be wise to coordinate a plan to process any arms and equipment the JBTs left behind. Time will be short, as seen in Waco. History teaches what happens when you allow the ATF to surrender and walk away. They come back with tanks and helicopters.

j said...

Another excellent post; and as hinted at, or plainly said, in so many articles here, the first area in our arsenals to be mastered is our own MIND...
This past weekend I was grazing a magazine rack in a local store, my shopping cart piled high behind me, and I read the last page 'editorial' by yet another gun-mag writing prag, assuring us once more that everything is gonna be just fine, that Obongo and his commie bastard cronies will be just ever so busy fixing the world, why, they won't worry about little old us. How silly! The writer - an old, moustachioed coot -took to task all who were buying up and caching guns & ammo, and he ended with a truly pukeworthy phrase:
"Besides - what makes you think that the government will allow you to keep all those weapons?"
And although I am not given to swearing, I almost burst out with a spluttering "WTF??? ALLOW????"

THAT fellow's mushmouth speech displays the mentality of one who will silently bow his head and either march off to the trucks or trains, or smile and hand over a list of people who need to be rounded up. And this guy writes for a GUN mag!!!

In Braveheart, Uncle Argyle held his claymore and tapped young William Wallace on the head.
"First," he said, "learn to use this; THEN, " - raising the sword " then I'll teach ye to use THIS".

I believe that the threes are balanced and strong in the skill needed for handling both elements needed to remain free. May we ever be so.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Bardiwell girl in Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Her Dad secured a cache for her which she partly retrieved and used.

Depends on the mission. Then again the ememy can be quartermaster.