Friday, February 13, 2009

US Currency to be Replaced

Got this from Pete at WRSA who doesn't know the precise provenance of it. All I can say is the guy who did this bit of photoshopping probably sees the future pretty clearly.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but this is bill reflects more truth about our situation than anything I've seen to date.
What we all see coming out of DC is way over the top. You really have to ask yourself, are these people really that stupid?

me said...

New united states currency. The Trillion dollar bill will be the smallest denomination in circulation, followed by the stimuzillion, the kajillion, the holyshizillion, the wtfzillion, the OMGWTFBBQzillion, and the largest bill, the bendoverillion. Coins will be minted in the same denominations, but the trillion dollar coin will be the size as a manhole cover to remind you of the crushing debt you will be forced to carry. Other denominations will increase in size accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Curiously, 3 pre-1965 US Dimes will still buy you a gallon of gasoline or Diesel fuel.

USSA paper notes will not buy silver dimes from any rational seller regardless of the number of zeros (or scientific notation. For example $20x10^12 =$20,000,000,000,000 =twenty bucks in 1999). No matter how it's divvied up, zero value is zero value.

Dr. Gono (of the region formerly known as Rhodesia) is our new national economic/spiritual guru. Money will be printed until the currency stabilizes.

Legitimacy and Trust are in very short supply. Rule 308 is in the Ready Room.


Anonymous said...

LMAO Hairy Hobbit!!!

Now I can't even stop laughing to catch my breath. QUOTE "bendoverillion" QUOTE ROFL!!! Does that bill come with free KY Jelly too? It wouldn't hurt that much!!