Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"They are coming."

"They are coming. Are you ready?" -- zombiedefense.org

The killer Nazi zombies are coming. Amy Brundage of the Obama White House says so here, in the Atlanta Journal of Collectivism. The announcement on behalf of President Blackberry was made (predictably) by email. No doubt the raids will be delivered by attachment. Here it is:

Obama supports some gun control

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Obama administration, cited by many Georgia gun owners as the reason they applied for concealed-carry permits last year, supports restrictions on certain kinds of guns and certain kinds of gun sales.

“President Obama believes in the Second Amendment,” White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said in an e-mail Friday. “He supports common-sense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn’t have them.”

Brundage said Obama supports reviving the expired ban on assault weapons and making it permanent. And he backs closing the “gun show loophole,” whereby individuals may buy weapons from other individuals without background checks or other regulation.

The National Rifle Association campaigned against Obama in last year’s presidential race, warning Americans that “you can’t trust Obama with your guns” and declaring that “Obama would be the most anti-gun president in American history.”

On the campaign trail in September, Obama said: “This has been peddled again and again. Here’s what I believe … people have the right to bear arms. But I also believe there is nothing wrong with some common-sense gun safety measures.”

Now, they hinted at this during the campaign. They told us this on their campaign and transition websites. This is the first time we have heard it attributed to an official voice in the White House.

The NRA-worshiping "pragmatists" have been whistling past the graveyard, clutching the 1994 totem to their chests while repeating Dorothy-like for anyone who will listen, "There's no place like Fairfax. There's no place like Fairfax."

"I'll get you my pretty, and your wine list too!"

I've got news for them. Auntie Em and Glenda the Good Witch are long dead. Newt Gingrich is in private life, having failed to keep his dick in his pants and thus allowed the Clintons to blackmail him, marginalize him and finally to hustle him out of Washington. He ain't there to save you no more. The political conditions that he exploited are no longer there.

The GOP brand is wholly discredited. In any case, Obama is counting on seizing what he wants. He figures the amnesty of illegal aliens will give him enough voters to blunt any electoral blowback, and he's undoubtedly right. There will be no 1994. You want these zombies stopped? You'll have to do it yourselves.

Just so we understand what's at stake here, these are the same killer Nazi zombies who did the Davidians. Only this time, we are ALL Davidians.

They are coming. Get ready.


chris horton said...

The "Atlanta Journal of Collectivism."

There's really nothing with the name Cox Enterprise on it that isn't collectivist.

Same way up here with the Sulzberger name...

I'm ready.


ParaPacem said...

As always the point is well made and well taken.
But there ARE a few things which distinguish us from our Davidian friends. Most of them were not combat trained; many of our numbers are. None of them had killed other human beings in combat. Many of us have.
Most of them had a natural human reluctance to fire first and to fire for effect. Most of us have no such reluctance.
If the Obamarrhoids think that they know who and what they are dealing with, they may need to adjust their thinking.
The IIIs will be happy to assist.

Anonymous said...

I like the openly published list idea - a phone book of agents and enforcers.

It is time...we are ready


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I hate it when you're right ...

Anonymous said...

Oh that they were stupid enough to confiscate! Alas, they'll just outlaw new "assault weapons" or require their registration, and no one will fight them. It's not that I want a fight. But the freedom killing process will be sufficiently slow that no one will resist until it's too late, and we're too poor. Please someone tell me I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that they will enact an AWB much like the one in 94 only this time including more weapons in its scope. The ones you own will be grandfathered in with the rule that they all be registered much like machine guns are today. I personally dont see any raids in the horizon and I'll tell you why. There are just too many things that could go wrong for them. Everything they are doing is going according to plan perfectly. Give it another 10 years and if things keep going the way they are they win in their eyes. Too many people in the military are on our side. I have two more buddies coming back from Afghan on the 15th that are not only part of the III but also highly trained now. The gun banners would lose right now and their house would come crumbling down. I feel they will be patient and do enough so people dont actually start shooting. In a decade or so they win if they dont do something stupid like raid gun owners homes.

Anonymous said...

So maybe this patch will be a good investment opportunity????