Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheese-eating GOP Surrender Monkeys Help Install Criminal In Charge of "Justice."

Well, it is done. Cheese-eating GOP surrender monkeys like my own Senator Jeff Sessions have assisted in the installation of a man who undoubtedly committed misfeasances and malfeasances of justice during the Clinton Administration as the nation's "Top Cop."

The illustration from Pete's WRSA blog above says it all. So does this portion of his commentary:

"Now, if you listen carefully, you may hear a faint sound in the distance. For those of you who don't recognize it, that's the Muster Drum."


idahobob said...

If not already done...

Load up yer magazines.....NOW!!


ParaPacem said...

Sessions screwed us. Dipshit.
At least Shelby still has HIS pair.

Stephen said...

I'm sooo mad at Sessions!!

If I were hime, I'd think twice about voting against my supporters, especially if those supporters are as heavily armed as some folks I know.

Great blog!

Uh...gotta run...I hear the drum beating...

Dakota said...

Well I wonder who the first "Randy Weaver" will be. Should know soon. Is Lon still around?