Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Remember, "Il Douche" is Watching You.

(It's pronounced "doo-chay." H/T to Stewart Rhodes for the forward from theospark.)


Anonymous said...

HEY! Back to work!!

Anonymous said...

You're supposed to be writing the book, not the blog, Mike! Shut down the web browser and open the word processor!!!!!


drjim said...

hey, he did it on his break!

Warthog said...

Actually, I think it's douche..pronounced the same way your wife does when she asks you to go get one from the corner store for her. The fascist connotation is Il Duce.

That's MY story and I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

Every day I view your blog and see that nothing has changed makes me smile. It means you must be working on the book!

The Gunslinger said...


Il "Duce" is pronounced "doochay". It's an Italian thing.

Douche is...well...what it is.
And it's entirely appropriate.

Anonymous said...

All hail Comrade Massengil!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

I'll be looking for a copy of "Absolved" at the next Birmingham gun show in March. :-)


Warthog said...

Mr. Gunslinger,

I am only too aware of that since WWII is my favorite period of history and I spent 2 years on the 6th Fleet Flagship homeported in Gaeta, Italy.

The headline specified Douce was pronounced doo-chay and I was being a smartass.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dutchman,
I better see some copies of Absolved on the dealer tables at gun shows up North this way next Summer!!!

Now get back to work you slacker!!!

Best Regards,