Saturday, February 14, 2009

Democrats! RINOs! Just in time for a new gun control bill! Mercedes has a deal for you!

Courtesy of Jared Paul Stern at Luxist we have this:

Mercedes' New Armored E-Class Stops .44 Magnums, Hand Grenades

Posted Feb 11th 2009 8:02AM by Jared Paul Stern

Mercedes-Benz is coming out with an armored version of its all-new 2010 E-Class, able to withstand fire from weapons up to a .44 Magnum, and with optional underbody armor, hand grenade blasts as well. The E-Guard, which will be available when the sleek new 2010 E-Class goes on sale this summer, receives reinforced "protective elements" around the bodyshell consisting of high-strength steel and aramide components, aided by resistant polycarbonate glazing, MotorTrend reports. Despite the additions luxurious interior space and comfort levels remain the same as the standard E-Class, and pricing begins at about $58,000 depending on the specific model and drivetrain selected.

And just in time for a new gun control bill. Now isn't that timely marketing?


ReverendFranz said...

Should i point out there is no mention of rifle fire?

nah, better not.

chris horton said...

Phone books,which are easily available in bulk,work just as well as armor,maybe even better.

Pop off the inside door panels to insert and your bullet proofed. And a hell of alot lighter too.

Not to mention the saved money to spend elsewhere....


jon said...

deathtrap. the few of these that get sold are a clear cut market signal in battle:

"hey guys, use your limited supply of high explosive on me. don't waste it on a weaker target, don't waste more than one bullet on the fat idiot i'm toting around."

hard carrying soft, soft carrying hard. lawsha'allah.

pdxr13 said...

What kind of terrorists use .44Mag or hand grenades against a vehicle?
That sounds like upset and unprepared civilians to me.

Might as well be in a low-profile last-minute-selection unknown vehicle and avoid such attention.

Our rulers will never stoop to low-profile lower-cost vehicles because that would broadcast their appropriate fear of the oppressed classes.

I've long noted that things aren't "exclusive" if there isn't someone being involuntarily excluded. MBZ is a master of this kind of luxury product/image marketing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jon

Deathtrap is right. Ever heard of Greek fire? It's basically nitrated gasoline, kero or diesel mixed with a sticky additive such as glucose. It sticks to anything and burns for a long time.

What does fire consume? It consumes oxygen. When there is enough fire covering anything, the fire usually sucks away any oxygen surrounding the object, and that means whatever is inside will suffocate and die a slow, extremely excruciating death.

Now, Greek fire CANNOT be used in flamethrowers because the fuel is nitrated. Once ignited, the flame will blowback into the canister, where it is confined space, and start burning vigourously and turn you into BBQ as well. The Byzantines in 1342, and later the Chinese 8th Route Army in the 1940s developed some kind of petard which held a considerable quantity and is slung at the enemy from a sling or a small mangonel. Yes catapults were used by us in WWII.
Many farmers living in the Shanxi region kept complaining of the stench of burning flesh during the war in 1938-1941. That, folks, is actually the smell of Japanese soldiers and officers being cooked inside their tanks. I think the wolves that live around the Shanxi mountain and forest region during that time actually got to feast on broiled prey.

Re: Chris, Yes phonebooks work miracles as well. They act like trauma plates, especially when wet and compressed. But you still have to upgrade the windows though, and the special glass (actually a polymer compound) does not come cheap. And if you actually use an armored car in a tactical situation, you better make sure your engine is protected, afterall, if your engine is shot, and you cannot exfil from your vehicle, you have just become M203 food.

Anonymous said...

"...aided by resistant polycarbonate glazing"

That's the glass upgrade.