Sunday, February 15, 2009

To the NeoNazi National Alliance Puke Who Tried to Use a Comment To Pimp A Racist Collectivist Book on My Blog.

Didn't work, did it?

You slime will have to do a lot better than that to slip one past me. I've been fighting you Pink Swastika types almost all my life, and anything from Hillsboro, West Virginia has the stench of death about it. Your dead Ersatz-Fuehrer William Pierce is burning in Hell right now. Why don't you get smart before you join him?

I always wondered why Pierce had to find an "untermenschen" Eastern European mail-order bride to marry him. Doesn't that violate your racial theories?

You want to pimp a book? I'll give you a title to pimp:

You've heard of this solid piece of historical scholarship, haven't you? Its the one that proves Der Fuehrer was a nancy-boy prostitute in Vienna.

Why don't you take your FuehrerPrinzip and shove it up your . . . But, oh, wait a minute, you might actually LIKE that, eh? Never mind. Here's a pin-up for you to pine over.
Der Warmerbruder Fuehrer, 1930. Doesn't he just give you a thrill?

Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.


Anonymous said...

I like your calm, easy going response to some of the idiots you have to deal with,

tom said...

No name/nickname so we can look out for the person elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Actually, when it comes to neoNazis, this IS my "calm, easy going response." I learned it at the knee of my Uncle Bill Vanderboegh, who helped liberate some of the camps in 1945. This is as nice and polite as I get with racist collectivist pukes. You ought to see me when I'm riled up.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I'm sorry to have missed whatever prompted this retort.

Anonymous said...

why did every woman hitler had sex with kill herself?

Anonymous said...

The Nazis my grandfather fought (and killed) are the same Nazis my generation is fighting today (unfortunately, we are not killing them).

Courtesy of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, photos of today's leading Nazis my be viewed at:

The greatest enemy of human liberty is government. This is just as true today in America, as it was in Nazi Gernmany and Imperialist Japan.

Jimmie Jones

Anonymous said...

I want to clear up one thing about that time in history. The German army was filled with many good men who got sucked into a very bad situation. The Brown Shirts were a group of very violent homosexuals. In fact Hitler's prison records clearly state he was a homosexual. The SS and Nazi party was the force and face of evil and there's no way to spin it any other way. If someone sees some good in this evil group, Nazi, SS and Brown Shirts they have shown themselves to be of a limited education on such matters and followers of hate propaganda.
This is something thats needs put out so people can see. Both Hitler and Karl Marx were Darwinist. Darwin believed in the survival of the strongest. Marxist believed in the survival of the classes. Hitler believed in the survival of the races. In fact Hitler's book, My Struggle, sums it up. These two Darwinist Marx and Hitler were behind the deaths of some many millions of people that anyone who supports them has huge issues.
Now comes the kicker: There is one more blood thirsty group of Darwinist remaining and they have butchered to death many, many tens of millions of humans. That group is NOW a group of homosexual woman who believe in the Darwinist myths. These woman are the core to Roe v Wade and keeping its ruling as a tool to murder human life. The mother of Plan Parenthood is a RN named Margaret Sandger. Read about that piece of work.
I won't even go into how many decent human being my family lost to that fagot, punk boy Hitler. I feel a little better having said that.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wonder what happened here too.
Re: Tommy P. Collectivist racists have resulted in the deaths of over 20 million people from 1850-1970, from the Russian pogroms initiated by the Romanovs all the way to the Khmer Rouge, and all the other assorted nastiness in between including the Third Reich and the Armenian Genocide.

Wait, actually more than 20 million. How many African American slaves were murdered and tortured? How many freed African Americans were also victimized? Fuck Darwinists, all of them. Darwin's theories only belong in the "debate" section of a SCIENCE classroom. Try to impose that shit on the population, and we will soon find out what is more superior: Darwinism, or a big fat .45-70 slug.

It doesn't surprise me that Hitler was a gay prostitute. There were some really, I should say graphic accounts of really hot, wet, and steamy affairs going on in Vienna around that dirty little murderous character. Ever heard of Rohm? He was the commander of the SA in 1930, and was reportedly one of the Fuhrer's lovers. Hitler had Rohm killed in 1933 on the "Night of the Long Knives". Why? Nobody knows. Maybe Hitler was afraid Rohm will publicize their affairs. Maybe Hitler wanted to get revenge because Rohm always played the male role in their little escapades. That gotta hurt. Who knows?

Re: Anonymous. Why? Because Hitler was a demon from Hell. He probably possessed these poor women and continued to torment them afterward.

And I always wondered why almost every Nazi has a pretty interesting fact. I researched more on the Midwest Bank Bandits after Mike wrote a tidbit about them last week. Turned out "Donna", the leader of the Bandits, was ACTUALLY ARRESTED COMPLETELY ADORNED WITH LONG PINK TOENAILS AND MANICURED FINGERS!!! What a sorry disturbed human being.

Anonymous said...


There's a difference in thinking life evolves and believing in proactive measures of social planning can make a better human race.

Don't fall into the guilt by association trap.

Marx didn't believe in the survival of the classes. His goal was a classless society in which the means of production was collectively owned by everyone.

Darwin didn't believe in the "survival of the strongest", he believed in the survival of those best suited, and those most adaptable, to their environments. Don't build strawmen.

And, a) can we keep the hate speech to a minimum regarding gays? and b) if you're going to call them names, at least spell them right. I don't think the point that Vanderboegh brought up, that Hitler was gay, wasn't intended as an insult to gays, but as an insult to Neo-Nazis.

Nothing personal, but I call BS where I see it.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but all the people by the millions would if they could would solidly disagree. Which would be a no brainer. Oh yea those people would be the humans that were forced out of their homes into railroad cars to be sent to death camps.
Funny fucking thing is thats not human nature, duh!
No getting around it. But what do I know but history isn't going to repeat itself to this man.
Hate is hate and any fool that engages his or her platform on murder is a fool of the devil. Got that?

Anonymous said...

Pat H. said...

"Marx didn't believe in the survival of the classes. His goal was a classless society in which the means of production was collectively owned by everyone."

Yeah, but you know how it goes when dealing with actual human behavior: the hatred of the other class (political enemies) is such a useful motivator that it never really goes away.

By the way, what happened to post-scarcity and the end of the "kingdom of necessity"? It seems that many socialists forgot exactly why the state needed to completely control everyone's lives. They just plain like tellin' folks what to do, and to heck with utopia.

Anonymous said...

How do you starve a NeoNazi?
Hide his welfare cheque under his work boots.