Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"I Shall Return" (but not before the book is finished.)

After an afternoon and evening of hobnobbing with my fellow Three Percent wizards yesterday, it has been decided that the following drastic steps are necessary:

1. "Vanderboegh will cease and/or drastically cut back on blogging," so that

2. "Vanderboegh can finish the damn book."

This has been coming for a while. In order to write a book you must zone out just about everything else and get into that alternate reality. Some folks can do both. I cannot.

This is not to say that blogging here hasn't paid off handsomely in terms of friends found and message spread. It has. But I must have two to four weeks to finish the book, ere it will never be. Time is short and I must needs finish what I started.

I ask my friends to continue to read and debate at places like David Codrea's War on Guns and especially his Examiner column, at Pete's WRSA, and other Threeper blogs.

"I shall return," quoth Dugout Doug. Fortunately it will not take me three years like he did. Patience, I beg of you. I will try to whet your appetite with another on-line Absolved chapter in a few days. You may also, in the interim, wish to take a trip down memory lane and vist older posts which you merely skimmed over before.

I may post one or two items of interest in the mean time, but don't expect daily posts. It ain't happenin' until the Absolved manuscript is off to the publisher.




Anonymous said...

O.K. then, less talkey, more workie. Schnell! Looking forward to the book
Wayne B

Anonymous said...

Sure, Sure... I've heard this one before.


Yes - Please finish the fooken book! Lots of folks are waiting.


Dakota said...

Fare Thee Well Mike, we will all be here when you have finished your task. I will pray to my most merciful Lord and Savior to guide your thoughts and circumstances.

drjim said...

Go for it, Mike!

idahobob said...

Well, good.
I have been patiently (?) awaiting the announcement of said book publication.

I will miss your daily blurbs, but IMHO, the book is currently a higher priority.

You and yours will be in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Thank God!

I've been lurking here since the last Indy 1500 and I struggle to read all of this stuff...

I have a job ya know...

Thanks for all the great posts, I await your return and the BOOK.


rexxhead said...

I check in here every morning, and every morning there's something new. Except this morning...

Good. I, too, am waiting for Mike to finish. I've offered my own (as yet unfinished) work to David for serialization a la 'Absolved' but don't want to 'mix messages' so I've been waiting...

Pedal to the metal, Mike. The world is waiting, not just me.


Anonymous said...

Gonna miss you Mike, but IMHO you're making the right choice.
I predict that "Absolved" will have at least the impact that "Unintended Consequences" had, perhaps much more given our current climate.
Of course I'm sure you are aware of the high regard in which John Ross is held by BATFE and company, eh?

Moe Death said...

Glad you have resolved to finish the book, but... "must needs?" Or should that be "needs must?" It's nitpicking, so I'll drop it. Now get back to work!!!

Anonymous said...

Carry on soldier!



Anonymous said...

Good luck on the book friend!!!

Make this one Unintended Consequences to the TENTH POWER!!!

I can't wait to own a copy.