Sunday, February 15, 2009

Praxis: "How to Hide from Airborne Detection Devices."

A hat tip to Jim Z. for pointing me to this link, How to Hide from Airborne Detection Devices. I invite comment, especially experienced comment.


Anonymous said...

This is not something you can just read and know. It is imperative that you practice. I would recommend your buddies buying a thermal imager long before you band together and get that .50.

I had 4 years of experience using thermal sights in the Corps and I never had a problem on field ops finding our Scout Snipers in their ghillies.

Helos providing CAS will be the single biggest threat you will face at home or abroad.

Loren said...

IR is not the only threat, as I put in a thread on AWRM. We also have synthetic aperture radar on Predators, and in the future terahertz systems may be deployable, if they're not already.

Anonymous said...

Just to encourage you -
I have met more people interested in putting a stop to the .gov's foolishness in the last 3 months than ever before. The seeming 'prosperity' lulled us all into an uneasy silence.

I hope it works out with out the 2nd round of fighting. Oh, and that we win!

On your book, nice work. I'm perusing it as I have time. I would suggest that you change the cover, because it has too many messages on it. I would pick one idea an present it graphically. You don't want that bad boy to look cheap when you are done.

George Groot said...

Thermals are tough to fool.

If you are trying to avoid detection wrapping yourself in a survival blanket will make you "cold" instead of hot, but unless the ground around you is also "cold" then you still stick out like a sore thumb.

Also the above advice only works if you are holding still, any movement and you will silhouette yourself and stick out like the sore thumb.

Thermals are useless when the ambient temperature is above body heat, and sometimes above 88 degrees F. Some thermals can't tell less than 10 degrees difference.

Anyways, the thermals from a helicopter hovering outside of hearing detection will pick you up pretty easily in open terrain. I wish there were surefire tricks, but unless you have the capabilities to make a mineral laced smokescreen it is just tough to do.