Sunday, February 1, 2009

GOP Backs Holder, Elects Anti Semi-Auto Rifle Michael Steele as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Base Reacts Poorly.

Q: Should people have access to buy assault weapons?

A: Society should draw lines. What do you need an assault weapon for, if you're going hunting? That's overkill. But I don't think that means you go to a total ban for those who want to use gun for skeet shooting or hunting or things like that." -- Michael Steele, in an October 16, 2006 Washington Post interview.

"I have to say, I like that he’s different. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker, or at least willing to give those who have ideas for these non-traditional messages a go. No, I don’t agree with him on every policy point. In fact, I probably disagree with him more than I agree with him. But the role of RNC Chair isn’t about setting policy or casting votes on the House or Senate floors. He’s there to raise money, promote the brand, and run a great election shop. It will be interesting to see how Steele performs." -- Sebastian's honey, the self-named "Bitter Bitch," on Michael Steele at Snowflakes in Hell.

Juxtapose if you will, Steele's support for an AWB with the Snowflake blog's support for him. Note how Sebastian's honey doesn't even mention Steele's endorsement for an AW ban and instead lauds his "outside the box" thinking. Kudos to Sebastian's better half -- there's some political leadership we can follow to victory.

(Note: The illustration came from here. If the GOP keeps this up I think hanging elephants will once again come back into vogue in East Tennessee and elsewhere.)

Correction: The quote above was originally attributed to NRA-apologist Sebastian, whereas it was actually posted on his website by the brains in the family, Sebastian's NRA and GOP apologist better half, the self-described "Bitter Bitch." OK, if she says so. My apologies to Sebastian for the misattribution. As I have an ex-wife, I know that it is possible to sleep with an opinion without necessarily agreeing with it.

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jon said...

what's so great about non-traditional messages? that's what got the republican party into this mess in the first place.

how about giving the party's real tradition a go? sound money and a balanced budget, vehement anti-war and anti-UN foreign policy, voluntary taxes?

Anonymous said...

LOL! LOL! The Second Amendment isn't all about hunting. It's about DEFENSE!

And they are not called "assault rifles". They are rifles, plain and simple. Only when a particular object is being used to inflict harm on body or property can it be called an assault. If you want to label semiauto rifles as assault rifles, oh boy, we gotta ban all those assault beer bottles that cause so much injury and tears in bars and taverns on Saturday nights. We also have to ban these assault cars that punk thug kids usually use to run down pedestrians while they are "experiencing the other-worldly" AKA high on crack or hallucinogens.

Anonymous said...

Now it should be absolutely clear to all of you that there will be no political solution to the fix you are in.

The GOP is lost. Not only does nothing stand in the way between you and your political enemies, but the GOP is now AMONG your enemies. Face it.

Remember those commercials for V-8 Vegetable drinks, where the actor would slap his or her forehead and say "I coulda had a V-8"?

Well, you should be slapping your forehead and saying "I shoulda supported Ron Paul." (presuming you supported someone else for the GOP nomination, which I'll wager is a good bet).

That was your last chance of a peaceful restoration of our Republic.

Now you get to do it the hard way.

tom said...

Sebastian was one of the founding members (and I mean that as much in the penis sense as the membership sense) of the AHSA.

He can go eat what he is as fat as we're concerned.

I'm still baffled you read him.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Mike, I am really disapointed with Senator Sessions, usually he is more with us than against us. I am going to give him an earful soon. This after his many letters convincing me of his love of freedom.

drjim said...

I think I just cut my last check to the RNC. When I mailed it last week I told them it might be the last they'll get from me unless they started supporting their 'core' in a more conservative manner.
As far as the AHSA goes, aren't they part of the "enemy", too? I seem to remember reading quite a lot of negative stuff about them.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you said, "Sebastian was one of the founding members . . . of the AHSA."

Your source for that? That's new to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike, for the heads up on what Sebastian said.

Anonymous said...

His "thinking out of the box" is a go with me. I believe it, if the box is a coffin and he thinks himself outside it, while he envisions us in it.

The same for Snowflake. The damned fool really believes that deep throating these people will keep him out of the box.

I seriously doubt that Snowflake is a founding member of AHSA, simply because that would mean he actually had to take a position instead of waiting to see whose penis he should kneel in front of.

Anyway, I don't see how they would have recruited him, because he views conversation as "threat".

So if they couldn't talk to him and he wouldn't be able to discern at this early date whether they were the most powerfully tumescent or not, I can't see him being a founding member.

I hate to defend him, but I find in the interest of honesty, I must.

Dakota said...

We have a very steep and long hill to climb gentlemen. The deck is stacked against us and we have our backs against the wall. That's the good news. I don't see any way of a peaceful resolution to the problems that lay ahead of us. The enemies of the Constitution and our potential slave masters are not going to just quit.

Johnny said...

Sebastian is a classic case of someone paddling in that well-known river in Egypt. Everything Mike has said about the demerits of the compromisers and the NRA is becoming more and more obviously true with every passing day.

AHSA or not, don't be surprised if, before long, Sebastian starts writing about how a new AWB is a good thing after all.

Anonymous said...

I like how ya'll are more focused on bashing Sebastian than on the actual issue at hand - that being the selection of a guy who endorses an AWB to the RNC Chair.

Focus, people - Sebastian isn't the problem, the problem is that our party is finalizing the act of selling us out wholesale for the votes of the God Squad.

Anonymous said...

Were that true, Caleb, I would have photo-shopped a picture of Sebastian hanging from a lamp post. Sebastian is not the problem. Sebastian represents a type of human response to impending events that is typical throughout history.

To use his own words to discredit his approach is hardly unfair.

As to "the problem is that our party is finalizing the act of selling us out wholesale for the votes of the God Squad."

First point: Huh? "God Squad"?

Second point: For Three Percenters, the GOP is NOT "our party" anymore. Hasn't beem for a while.

Anonymous said...

" the problem is that our party is finalizing the act of selling us out wholesale for the votes of the God Squad."

What are you smoking Caleb? How does a moderate antigun "big tenter" at the head of the RNC represent selling out your party for the votes of "the God Squad"? He was the most moderate, least "ideological" choice they had.

Anonymous said...

It's also worth noting that Sebastian didn't even write that post.

As to what I'm smoking, it's the same stuff I've had for the past 8 years as I've watched my party pander to the Fundamental Evangelicals, the Right to Lifers, all the while drifting further and further away from the concepts of individual liberty.

I should note, that I say this as someone who is actually a Christian, that I have been consistently disheartened to see my politics hijacked by people whose primary concern is something as silly as gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

I tend to disagree that Sebastian and all the other Sebastians are not the problem.

They may not be the whole problem, but they are most definitely a very large part of it. While claiming the credibility of being gun owners, second amendment advocates, and civil rights supporters, they preach to all and sundry to accept each new betrayal as a good thing because then we will be looked upon as cooperative and non-threatening by those who have betrayed us and would strip us of all human dignity.

Well, I am neither cooperative nor a non-threat when they come for my citizenship and my rights as a man. Sadly, it would not be necessary to be in this political and potentially deadly place were it not for the Sebastians and those they influence.

So, yes, I do see him as a very large part of the problem. Not alone, but in the company of his fellow travelers who have assured the tyrants and would be tyrants that most will react to further depredations as has he. That is, make sure one says nice stuff about them as they grind the bootheel on his neck.

You see Caleb, we would not have this "actual issue at hand" and our party would not be "finalizing the act of selling us out wholesale" if the presence of so many Sebastians didn't encourage them to do so.

Anonymous said...


Actually Steele is precisely correct: Nobody needs an -assault weapon- to go hunting.

What is missing is the definition of what an assault weapon -is-.

If Steele believes an assault weapon is anything that is semi-automatic with military-like appearances then he's a bad choice.

If Steele understands that the classic definition of an assault weapon is a small caliber fully automatic military weapon, then he's not that far off base.

paul a'barge said...

Ping me the day Steele chooses to give RNC support to a Republican candidate for office who has anything less than an A+++ rating from the NRA over someone who does have an A+++ rating from the NRA.

Get my drift?

Yes, people who are not Second Amendment absolutists are a true pain in the butt. But they can be useful idiots. Let's learn how to use and to control them.

Anonymous said...

As one of Caleb's much-hated "God I'm sure that Caleb is more than capable of repalcing the votes and support of the Christians he does not want.

GO get 'em, Caleb! Show us all how it's done!

...the whole world rests on you, Cab! Show us how to raise funds, gather votes, elect candidates- Us Chrsitians want to know.

/sarcasm off/

Way to alienate a voting bloc that YOU need desperately, Caleb old clown. Care to ask how much WE need YOU?

Anonymous said...

SIH has just announced a Commenting Policy.

I wonder how long it will be before you're going to need a "Banned by Sebastian" tag for your blog. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Dweeze: He already removed my first correction post. I wonder if he's removed the second one?

"Banned by Sebastian." Do they give you medals for that? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well Mike, I didn't get any damn medal. Just got talked about a lot behind my back, so to speak.

But, it was entirely my fault. I threatened him with conversation. Really! I did. Scared Hell out of him. Yeah, I want him watching my six. (sarcasm) Because he is so stalwart.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I call Sebastian a MORON, and got my comment deleted. Actually, I think the thing that got it deleted was the part where I told him he would vote for Himmler if Himmler were a Republican and NRA.

me said...

Reasoned discourse™, sebastian style is not far off...then there will be NO reason to read his blog.

I DO have to question the "moderation" here as well. Whole lotta stupid to go around these days.

Anyway, Steele, who I predicted would be the head the day Alphecca posted that he didn't own any guns is now the guy who holds the democrat-lite party afloat. In charge of fund raising says sebastian...or bitter or... aw hell, what's the difference anyway.

You think he's going to get much money from gun owners with crap like that flowing from his upper ass? WHY in Gods name can you even think that? Is it because you're stupid enough to fund your own chains?

Screw them before they screw us again and again and again and again like they've done every time we elect one of them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, SA, there was yet another reference to you today.

You're the gift that keeps on giving over there! :)

Anonymous said...

"Way to alienate a voting bloc that YOU need desperately, Caleb old clown. Care to ask how much WE need YOU?"

You both need each other. We all need each other.

Some of the most fierce, principled, committed, and capable three percenters I know are atheist (or agnostic) libertarians.

And some of the most fierce, principled, committed, and capable three percenters I know are devout Christians.

The common bond is an unshakable resolve to live or die as free men, not slaves.

That's all I care about. If you hold to that resolve, you are my brother.

Your enemies want you to insult each other and fight amongst yourselves.

Why do you do their work for them?

Caleb, you paint with too broad a brush. For every quisling cool aid drinking pastor who is on the pastor response team, licking boots, there is a Paul Davis who serves as the epitome of the fighting parson, rifle in hand, and a man deeply committed to your liberty.

Mr. E

Anonymous said...

Hey, as I said, I have no problem with Christianity or Christians as a group - especially since I'm ONE OF THEM. I do have a problem with the political goals of the Evangelical Right, because legislating morality is just as unconsitutional as banning guns.

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with Caleb's last comment. And I too am a believer. I have no right to legislate my belief to another. If persuasion or conversation can't do it, I have no right to force it. I too am opposed to legislated religion and those who call for it.

Hey dweeze, did he say nice things about me?

I do expect he will always be sure not to address me in an arena where I can answer back. Hey, he's just that way. Why take risk when he can be "pragmatic"? Especially when even he doesn't believe what he tells others he believes.