Sunday, July 12, 2015

“Waco can happen at any given time,” Mike Vanderboegh . . . told Retro Report. He added ominously: “But the outcome will be different this time. Of that I can assure you.”

Memories of Waco Siege Continue to Fuel Far-Right Groups
Unfortunately it won't let me access the video.


j said...

Watched it. Not as bad as I would have expected. Of course the narrator parroted the party lines about Koresh and the Davidians, as is always done to portray the victims of government violence as being evil cult leaders and sexual predators. But they gave you as much face time as they did Potok, which was a surprise. I was amused at the narrator proclaiming about the Bundy stand, "Bundy continues to graze cattle on public land and owes the government over a million dollars in taxes." Amused because obongo's cronies - Sharpton et al owe that much and more but they are never mentioned by the marxist media. And as always you were very eloquent and concise.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure they just had another one at the Twin Peaks . It just didnt last very long

Anonymous said...

It just amazes me what they write and refer to as "facts". "The Davidians started the fire", "Randy Weaver was a white separatist", "Cliven Bundy made racist rants", and on and on...What we stand for is so much more than standing up to an oppressive gov't. It's being awake enough to see far beyond what these lame-stream media puppets pass off as news and then try to remove others from their "matrix"...And the quotes by Timothy McVeigh were precious too! But not a word about him being visited by psych doctor Jolyn West who was associated with the old MK Ultra club, nor the mystery surrounding the death of OKC Police officer Terrence Yeakey... My head would have to be encased in cement to believe a word of the half-truths these professional liars excrete..

FedUp said...

Interesting how the anti-arson side's points are given and then immediately picked apart, while the SPLC is merely quoted as expert.

I just have one thing to say:
If the Adventists burned down their own home, why is that that absolutely NONE of the survivors are saying "that dirty rotten SOB Koresh tried to burn us to death"?

Anonymous said...

Of course there was no mention of the fact that "military grade tear gas" was CS GAS and that it is prohibited by international treaty from use in war against the enemy,

No mention of the fact that the Feds fired first at Waco.
No mention That Koresh offered to allow the ATF to come and inspect their "arsenal".
No mention of John Doe #2 with respect to OKC. Neither did they mention Andreas Strasmier, Elohim City and the FBI involvement in the plot.
Not a word about Jesse Trentendue.

And then at around 11;15, the slimy Pottock intimates how this can happen again because the militia movement is such a dire threat.....not like .gov has any control over instigating such.

Well, it was a NYTimes piece after all.

bondmen said...

The Clinton/Reno cavalry burned down the buildings on a very windy day after filling it with CS gas. and feral government . Their feral government was our for revenge that day and they claimed victory over the incinerated dead bodies of 17 children, and 59 men and women. It was this singular event, and Ruby Ridge, which woke me up from my slumber and caused me to see the world in a totally new light. We learned later BATFags could have talked to or arrested David Koresh in town on one of his many visits. But I guess that wouldn't make the we need more funding splash like an all out violent atrocity.

Anonymous said...

A stale search warrant affidavit, a scramble to show the usefulness of a corrupt federal agency about to be gutted by Congressional funding, a repudiation of the investigations of the local Texas authorities concerning child abuse, unbelievable psychological warfare techniques employed on innocent people, the list goes on. This was one of many Amerikan Holocausts that should be continued to be taught in every school. It ranks right up there with Wounded Knee, the Ludlow Massacre, and the Filipino Genocide described and documented in the book: LITTLE BROWN BROTHER.

FedUp said...

Anon@4:39, I think Randy is a separatist (not necessarily supremacist).

As John Ross said, Weaver didn't like living near black people so he moved to a place where there weren't any, and there's no law against that.

Anonymous said...

I remain very upset and angry over what happened at both Ruby Ridge and Waco....and I'm not "right wing" in the slightest. Too bad these "reporters" can't even get that "fact" straight. It's not just "right wingers"'s anyone who's been paying attention to government malfeasance. And it's not just Ruby Ridge or Waco....but a whole host of usurpations of power and wrongful abuses of citizens over the last several decades...and well before.

rexxhead said...

Mike, I'm sure the NYT picked the most damaging things you said. I'd just LOVE to see what was left on the cutting room floor.

Well played.


Cameraman said...

I enjoyed the Hit piece. and liked the Part where M Potak said the Militia were pointing Scoped semi-autos at the BLM , What a Damn shame..They better get used to It..we are not standing down when the Feds go after Americans Mike Said No More Free Waco' evil sons of Bitches will pay for the Next One.....

John Otis Comeau said...

as biased as the video was, I think it makes you look like the voice of reason, especially compared to Potok who appears to be on some kind of uppers.

JPZingher said...

Clyde Haberman's recent article in the NY Times about Waco tells me that at least someone is worried about Waco and Hillary, Bill's Co-President. I sent this letter to Ron Fournier, and a few days later, Clyde was called out of retirement to do a spin piece on the topic.
Because people didn't understand the context, the media was able to sell Waco as a screw up by ATF. If you make a couple phone calls to some retired agents from ATF and the FBI, the ones who actually planned out the details of the raid, they may be willing to talk because their pensions are now secure and they've been carrying it around a long time. The only thing that matters is what Bill knew and when he knew it.
The screw up at Waco was in the planning stage and Bill was directly involved in it. The Posse Comitatus Act requires that the president personally approve each and every use of military personnel and equipment. Therefore, I know that Bill had to sign off on it. Either he was fully briefed on it and approved it, or he was not.
If he was not briefed on it, then he should have hung those responsible out to dry. But no one was. The Dept of Justice has a manual for all its agents who work in the field. They've confronted siege situations before. After the shoot out at Wounded Knee South Dakota in 1973, the Dept of Justice established a written guideline, standing orders, for how to handle situations where they faced a large group of people following a charismatic leader. It's called "decapitation" which means to take out/arrest the leader before the main assault group moves in. That way, he can't organize a resistance. That was how the operation should have been run. the leader, David Koresh regularly went into town at least once a week to get the mail for the Branch Davidians. ATF had every opportunity to get him and they knew it. The newspapers in Texas emphasized that point, but all the others ignored it. Because that was ignored, so was the planning stage.
If Bill WAS briefed on it, then they should have told him everything I just said in the above paragraph. They should have told him that by creating a siege situation, they increased the risk to the suspects and to the officers. But, instead of arresting Koresh when it was clean and easy, they just showed up early in the morning and surrounded a doomsday cult, armed with 50 caliber rifles facing off against tanks, hundreds of guys dressed in SWAT gear and oh yes, TV cameras out the wazooo. (Hint: According to the reporters who were there, they had been tipped off about the operation which is why they were there waiting for them when the ATF arrived.)
So, it was either a screw up by the agents responsible for planning the operation or it was not. If it was, then they should have been held accountable for it. Shit flows downhill and Bill was at the top of the hill. However, all those involved were promoted within a year. How could the people responsible for the biggest screw up in DOJ history be promoted? A: They did warn Bill (and maybe co-president-elect Hill) about the increased danger of doing it that way. He's the only person who had the authority to protect them. They were protected because in politics, "You feed the mice to stop them from turning into rats."
Why would Bill want a siege? Most likely for the Brady Bill roll-out. What could be better than all those pictures on TV for a month?
What did Billary know and when did Billary know it?