Monday, July 27, 2015

Another State Backs Down After ‘I Will Not Comply’ Uproar

It frustrates the hell out of gun-grabbers to impotently watch their demands for widespread enforcement collide with the reality of what that would entail and — and of what it would provoke. Enforcers and administrators who would have to live with the repercussions of such attempts aren’t about to stick their heads on that block. Gov. Bentley recognized that and eliminated a rule the state has no belly for enforcing in the face of vocal dares for them to try. Look for that to play out more and more as gun rights advocates begin to realize the power they can wield simply by declaring “I will not comply.”


Anonymous said...

You dolts at the NRA oppose the I Will not Comply strategy, why?
Because it actually WORKS?
Wake up Fudds, the NRA is a gun CONTROL outfit - it is time to admit it.

Most likely Marc said...

I enjoyed David Codrea's article where Mike's blog was quoted

"I will not comply"

Y'all might call Governor Bentley's office and leave a message thanking him for doing the right thing. 334.242.7100

smitty said...

If the NRA (AmeriKa's largest gun control organization) were truly effective, they would soon lose member renewals and...funding.